Our Picks from the Best Of Buffalo 2013

This past Monday May 13, 2013, we celebrated the Best of Buffalo at Town Ballroom with Artvoice, the nominees, and friends. As huge supporters to the Buffalo community and human megaphones for promoting the city, we loved voting for our favorite businesses and watching the results this past week.
We wanted to share our very favorite categories, along with who we voted for! Now go out and support your city!

Artvoice Best of Buffalo 2013 party at Town Ballroom
Artvoice Best of Buffalo 2013 party at Town Ballroom

Best Annual Festival: Allentown Art Festival
Every year we attend this street festival where hundreds of local (and distant) vendors come to sell their art, jewelry, pottery, and other eclectic fare. There is something for everyone and we love spending the whole day outside amongst all walks of life.

Best Blog: a tie! Buffalo Rising and Buffablog
There are some great bloggers in the area to follow, many of which share stories and photos from around our wonderful Western New York. We love Buffalo Rising because of the top-of-the-minute info and Buffablog entices our love of music and all it encompasses.

Best New Idea You’ve Heard: rock climbing at Silo City with SiloCityRocks
We attend many art performances and tours at Silo City (grain elevators) and think it’s important these ‘giants’ be preserved and shared. We cannot wait to climb!
**disagree with the nominee: tearing down the Skyway. We see the good in the Skyway…we hope it is cleaned up a top (and underneath) and lit. It’s easy, accessible, and gives a great view of coming in to Buffalo! (we fear too many people just go along with what everyone else negatively says about it) This could be turned around as a gateway to keep rebuilding Buffalo.

Best World Music Act (our own category): a tie: Petit Bal and Babik
Whoops. Music from around the globe was left off the list. Petit Bal, a French chanson group who frequently performed at Merge, made you forget you were sitting in the 716 and as if Paris rain was right outside. Babik, a gypsy jazz ensemble, moves you to tap your foot and smile all the while paying tribute to Django Reinhardt.

Best Upscale Bar: a tie: Mike A’s and Lobby Bar in Statler
The art deco style of Mike A’s lounge inside The Hotel Lafayette. The originals and standards. The lounge menu. You’re transported to a different time.
Ever been to the Lobby Bar inside the Statler? The decor is, by far, the most beautiful in Buffalo. They have a good happy hour, including $2.50 beef on weck, and lush leather seating which melts around you. (downside: no curb appeal outside Statler to let you know it’s in there.)

Kind of Bar the City Needs: we have one…
‘a big dance club’ was voted the winner. Check out Rendezvous in Statler. Gorgeous, dimly lit…they bring in internationally known DJ’s and have regular weekend DJ’s. Another place with no curb appeal on the outside of Statler, but definitely a great place to dance!

Best Brunch: Shango (our pick)
We love brunch, as do most, because of the casual Sunday to sit outside and catch up with friends. Shango is at the top of our list due to its New Orleans-inspired menu. It holds its own for a unique menu.

Best Ethiopian: Lucy’s
The owner, Abba, is one of the kindest men on Earth. Every time we go, they over-indulge us with mass quantities of their cuisine. Their coffee ceremony is delightful and our favorite to-go item is the kitfo. We were delighted to see our friend take the prize!

Best Food Truck: ALL
As huge food truck supporters, we love every single one Buffalo has to offer. Each one is vastly different from the next and we are proud this city is supporting them. A long time arriving on the east coast, we cannot wait to see more!

Best Ice Cream: Lake Effect
As Niagara County natives, we have loved Lake Effect since its mere beginnings in Lockport and can never get enough of their rich ice cream. Original, fun, and different!

Best Seafood: Boston Hotel
Located in Lancaster off the beaten path, Boston Hotel satisfies the most seafood starved. Reasonably priced and fresh. Huge bang for your buck.

Best Pizza: Romeo and Juliet
Having a list of pizza places to try on our cork board, we attempt to try a new pizza place every time we get a little lazy to cook. So far, we have found the Romeo and Juliet’s has the most amazing pizza!

Best Steak: Western Door
Located inside the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls, Western Door makes us salivate just saying the two words.

Best Vietnamese: 99 Fast Food (our pick)
Not really digging’ all of those countries’ cuisine were meshed as one, but we picked 99 for Best Vietnamese. After one half of us lived on the west coast with real pho at hand, it’s been a little challenging to find a place spot on. Here it is. Have a cold? Go get some pho here!

Restaurant the City Needs: tie: a legit Mexican place and more ‘healthy to-go options’.

Of course, we are happy for all the nominees and winners! Did you see your picks win? Thank you to Artvoice for a fun party and all of the people involved in making WNY a beautiful, cultural, up-and-coming place for everyone to explore!

Check out the Artvoice Best of Buffalo 2013 list of nominees and winners here! —> Artvoice Best Of Buffalo

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