Fiamma Steak (and its majestic return) **PERMANENTLY CLOSED

After we got wind of Fiamma closing for renovations this past fall, which turned in to a scary hiatus of our favorite steakhouse- our hearts beat again when the snow melted and Fiamma had announced its re-opening.



M-TH 5-10PM; F & S 5-11PM; closed Sunday

(716) 551-6497


Fiamma is as spectacular as we had remembered it! How the filet melted in our mouth…perfectly executed presentation…superior service…Greeted by Angelo, we enjoyed a Pimm’s Cup and Goose Martini at the bar with anticipation of our dinner. We noticed many familiar staff faces- which we felt was a good sign, meaning it was back & better than ever. Seated in the main downstairs room, our server, Jason, took the reigns. He was an incredible server who was extremely knowledgeable, on point, and smooth- grab this guy for your night out! The atmosphere was as we remembered- valet upon arrival, a lounge with a double sided fireplace, the glass-exposed floor which allows you to peek in the wine cellar below, candles lit at dusk…the upstairs is completely redone- gorgeous upper level dining with a fireplace and private room which can seat 20-25 people.

a table in the downstairs room
a table in the downstairs room
upstairs dining
upstairs dining

Our date included Oysters on the Half Shell, Steak Tartare, the Chopped Salad (which you will crave the days following), White Cheddar Mac & Cheese with Black Truffle, Filet Oscar, and Surf & Turf. We were beyond full by the time our dinners arrived yet we kept eating- it was just too amazing to stop. As the sun lowered, Angelo began lighting the mood and the music aesthetic of uptempo lounge (from Massive Attack to Thievery Corporation) filled the room. Angelo asked our opinion on the audio vibe, to which one half of us was ecstatic due to being a musicologist, and we expressed our excitement with the playlist selected to set the mood for the crowd.

Steak Tartare (photo cred:
(photo cred:
(photo cred:

Everyone was enjoying their night- from the birthday party next to us, other couples in their own bubble, a couple friends having a night out…This contemporary steakhouse is the perfect date night for any occasion & we encourage everyone to savor the evening with every bite. Having celebrated our anniversary here (again!), Fiamma made us feel as if we were the most important guests, wished us happiness on the occasion numerous times, and delivered a spectacular date night. We are so happy Fiamma is back with fire in its soul! We still hold this number one on our steakhouse date night and cannot wait to head back. Bravo, Fiamma!

*we felt our silly phone pics did not do justice to Fiamma’s amazing performance- go have a date night and experience it!

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