Breakfast/Brunch Date: Break ‘n Eggs

Sauteed apples, brie, & candied walnuts crepe (a lovebird favorite!) With breakfast potatoes & fruit
Sauteed apples, brie, & candied walnuts crepe (a lovebird favorite!) With breakfast potatoes & fruit

WNYers love their brunch time! Gathering with friends, enjoying the sunshine, meeting with family, maybe nursing a rough night…in any scenario, it involves two important things Buffalonians love: company & food. Breakfasts & brunches do not have to necessarily happen only on the weekend, either. We found the perfect weekday brunch spot in Williamsville- and it just happens to be a local creperie.


Break ‘n Eggs Creperie

5235 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221 (near Tony Walker Center & the 290)

(716) 634-3447

Tuesday- Saturday 7am-3pm (closed Monday)

search facebook: Break n Eggs

What is the story with the crepe? Coming from the pancake family, a crepe is made from thin batter (buckwheat flour, milk, eggs) which is spread on to a pan surface in a circular shape. You can fill it with practically anything you want- meats, cheeses, veggies, fruits, dessert-like fillings…it can be served at breakfast or as a sweet dessert. Beginning in France and now all over the world, the crepe even has its own national day: February 2 (Candlemas). It is said on this day- if you toss your crepe up from its pan and you catch it in your right hand while holding a gold coin in your left, you will become a rich man later that year. I foresee this attempt happening in the kitchen soon…

inside the creperie
inside the creperie

Break ‘n Eggs is locally owned & operated by Bob & Annie Sweeney, which opened last fall. We love it here so much that we visit almost every week! Having gone at various times, the place is often packed- which is wonderful to see for a hometown spot. But don’t let that scare you away- we have always been seated in a timely manner and served immediately. The cool thing here? The crepes. Of course! You can build your own, order sweet & savory kinds, benedict creations…or perhaps you feel like french toast, omelettes, or pancakes? The plates are made-to-order and you can watch Chef Bob Sweeney himself making them with his team in the open half-moon kitchen.

You can credit his French-Canadian wife, Annie, for the crepe recipes which came from her father. It is a great blend of ‘Northtowns- Paris’! We especially enjoy the speakers lightly playing Pink Martini and Gotan Project to give you a global, Parisian feel! The service is wonderful, all of the girls are nice as can be, & the crepes give you a break away from the norm. Go and feel a little Frenchy.


banana pancakes
banana pancakes

**Parking is available in the front of the creperie and behind the building. Gluten-free options & special orders to accommodate everyone.

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