Buffalo Science Museum date- Body Worlds: Vital

Right now at the Buffalo Science Museum, a special traveling exhibit of Body Worlds: Vital is happening until September 29, 2013. Developed and sustained by Gunther van Hagens of Germany (the anatomist who developed a technique in 1977 called ‘plastination’ which preserves the body so we may see it), this event showcases real bodies and organs so we may have a glimpse of what we look like inside. (some of you may remember Bodies: The Exhibition in the 2000s which were shown in Niagara Falls, Ontario- which is a different event, but still uses a plastination method) Head over to the Buffalo Science Museum to learn about our inner workings, how our organs works together, and the effect of food, smoking, and diseases.


Buffalo Science Museum (Body Worlds: Vital)

1020 Humboldt Parkway Buffalo, NY 14211

Sun-Wed 9am-5pm; Thurs-Sat 9am-9pm

take Kensington (the 33) West to Best St. exit…turn left, turn left



You are not allowed to photograph the special exhibit, however, these are images and moments you will always remember. (check out the video to see!) Sometimes we forget how amazing our bodies are and how everything is connected…and most importantly- that we should taker care of ourselves. Audio devices are available to rent, which give you even more info than what you read on each specimen. When we visited, we noticed how silent it was…everyone was mesmerized with what they were viewing. Sometimes we even felt as if science and art was blending together.

You may find yourself thinking of your own body- how everything is so compact, so small. It is a great reminder of how amazing we are…and that we need to work out more…The plastinated bodies are positioned in to familiar lifestyles such as a runner, flamenco dancers, a fencer, and our favorite: an opera singer. The event is great for children, too, so they may learn new words, something about their bodies, and how to take care of themselves all the way through adult-hood.

Your admission ticket to Body Worlds: Vital also allows access to the entire museum, which we strolled through afterward. There are new hands-on activities (great for kids & adults), a cafe, and of course…a buffalo.


After Vital, take advantage of acting like a kid. Rev your heart up with a game challenge of hitting blinking lights against your opponent, navigate a weight through a maze to a target, build your own gears so they operate in synch, and walk across a white wall to see what your average stride is. (or do like we did & walk like an Egyptian) Want some extra cheese? Tally up who knows the most animals and plants without looking at the key charts. Nothing wrong with brushing up on some science! A great date spot- weekday or weekend. Afterward, head in to downtown & find a food truck to grab a bite to eat (check out the Buffalo Food Trucks site to see them all at once!).

walk like an egyptian
walk like an egyptian


place yours hands on the station to hear your heartbeat over the bass speakers!
place yours hands on the station to hear your heartbeat over the bass speakers!

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