County Fair Date Challenge 2013

Tis the season where we begin to squeeze in all the things we didn’t get to do over summer. Where we take on every outdoor patio possible, eat lots of hot dogs from the grill, and hit every free concert possible. It’s also the time when county fairs set up shop- reminding us that summer is coming to an end, since September 1st means fall. The fair means two important things: deep fried everything and the fresh smell of…well, you can guess. We grew up heading to the Niagara County Fair (remember- we’re ‘country folk’!)- but now we venture to the Erie County Fair at the Hamburg Fairgrounds, where even more candy bars get deep fried, country artists take the stage, and demolition derbys bring in a crowd. From now until August 18th, plan a date night to the fair! We even made a County Fair Bucket List Date Challenge for you. Can you check off these top 10??

Erie County Fair

5600 McKinley Parkway Hamburg, NY 14075

adults $10, kids under 12 are free, 60+ $7

9am-10pm; parking $5

***phone app: Erie County Fairgrounds (where you can get all the details!)

county fair challenge

***We really encourage you to DL the FREE app of the fair! It has a map, all the deals, social media links, event times, and where to find the Bacon Bomb and exotic animals.

extra tickets? give them to random people so they may have more fun!

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