Engagement Party at The Lodge *PERMANENTLY CLOSED


This past weekend we celebrated our engagement with family and friends at downtown Buffalo’s newest hot spot: The Lodge. When planning our first party as an official couple, we chatted about what kind of vibe we wanted and how we intended to represent ourselves. Here are some things we knew:

-we love downtown Buffalo and all of the new places that keep popping up; we are major downtown advocates

-we wanted to have everyone go to someplace they had never been before

-we are not a ‘pizza and wings’ couple

-we wanted everyone to feel like they had a night out in a sensational atmosphere

After making a few calls here and there to numerous venues, the most accommodating and organized place was The Lodge (our number one pick, anyway!). It was perfect: Buffalo’s place to be, food we loved, and the idea went with the theme of our engagement in Lake Placid this past November. We spoke with Annalise, their PR/marketing ring leader, and met with her the following week to set our room and choose our menu.

Saturday night, we packed in over 65 people who celebrated with us all evening. Taking over the Arctic Lounge upstairs in The Lodge, we offered our favorites from their menu: Blackened Fish Tacos, Chicken Fried Chicken Sandwich (chicken & waffle!), and Korean Short Ribs. Tiers of red velvet with cream cheese frosting and vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate or a lemon flavor filled the back room as treats for our guests. The food just kept coming! We were very happy with the service and small plates! It was amazing. We worked with Eli for the evening, who was great, and Molly- an exceptional server who was all smiles, and met the General Manager who was wonderful and made us feel at ease. He worked not only our room but the whole place all evening. That’s what we like to see! (we even got word of a sushi place coming to the old Privato and plans for a new multi-level hot spot to take over Lux. the evolution of Chippewa is still going strong!)

The blue and white ice bar feel of the Arctic Lounge was exactly our aim: unique, dimly-lit, fun. Twinkling lights glimmered through out our second room where our guests could savor their plates, candles glistened here and there, blue and white lights subtly lighting the bar. (it reminded one lovebird’s night at the ice bar in London) To top it off, our nieces and nephews had a blast because they were down the way playing skee-ball, Buck Hunter, pool, air hockey, and darts. (yes, there is a game room on the upper level) Adults may have taken over that space…

When planning a party, think about what you want the world to see you as. Are you traditional? Laidback? Trendy? Low key? What is your favorite cuisine? How do you want your get-together to represent you as a couple?

We already set it off. And our friends and family are still talking about it! Success!

/buffalovebirds.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/img_4098.jpg”> before the place was packed! upper level of the Arctic Lounge which overlooks the bar area



uffalovebirds.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/img_4092.jpg”> Arctic Lounge bar before we filled it to the brim. White lights shine down upon the bar when people arrive.[/caption][capt
falovebirds.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/img_4101.jpg”> overlooking to the main bar below



lovebirds.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/img_3657.jpg”> Korean Short Ribs on our menu
Image Image


The turn out on Saturday was magnificent! Hometown, college, and childhood friends, our families, co-workers, and even a dear friend who played wingwoman in order to get us nervous lovebirds together in the first place!

s.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/img_3643.jpg”> The Lodge, main entrance room

[caption id="" h="650" href="http://buffalovebirds alt="Image" width="650" height="867"]files.wordpress.com/2014/01/img_3653.jpg”> a lovebird drink of choice: Pickin’ Strawberries. for fun, of course.


[caption id="" href="http://buffalovebirds.f alt="Image" width="650" height="867"]les.wordpress.com/2014/01/img_4090.jpg”> heading back to the Arctic Lounge



Where are the party shots?! Don’t ask. We hosted all night long and barely took any! Bummer, yea…anyone have a flux capacitor we can borrow?!

Regardless of missed pics, we will not forget everyone who came to celebrate with us! We feel very loved and are so grateful for our friends and family that traveled from Pittsburgh, Rochester, Erie, Brockport, Newfane, Lockport, Williamsville, and Buffalo! It was incredible to have different parts of our lives through out time there in the same room. We love you all and cannot wait to plan the next fiesta!

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