Zipcars In Buffalo: get a car on spot

Zipcar: carsharing company. billable by hour or by day.

Think of it as renting a car on the spot. Members have access to the website as well as iPhone and Android apps that allow you to book your car for the day or for only 2 hours- or how ever long you need. You to step right up to the car with your zipcard and the doors unlock for you. You can ‘honk your horn’ on the app and it will show you the nearest location to grab a zipcar. You can drive up to 180 miles per 24 hours, sign up for several types of driving plans at different costs, reserve a car on your app 30 minutes before you need it, and are equipped with a ‘killswitch’ so none of you think you can just take off forever.

In California, they’re plugging in their Prius’…they’re renting them out in the UK…Toronto has them all over the city. We mean tons.

With several memberships to choose from (only using it once in a while, or using it solely on weekends, etc. etc.), there is only an annual fee to cover, no worries about insurance (if you’re at fault, you are required to top the bill with the first $750), and gas from the get-go with the zip-n-go cash card. We have spotted them in bustling cities around the U.S.- not in suburb areas or airports only, like many rent-a-car places. With the zipcars located in hotspots around cities, it gives a wide population (who may have no car, prefer to bike it, or use public transportation) access to a vehicle if need be.

Buffalo DOES have zipcars. Did you know that?!

BUT- it is only located at the University of Buffalo in Amherst. Not downtown, not Elmwood, not Allentown. What if zipcars were setup around the city of Buffalo and in nearby neighborhoods? Do you think our residents would benefit from them? Would it allow us ‘city-dwellers’ (who have no car or try not to use it much) to get to places easily? With the rate of our bus and rail system, it can be quite tough to be somewhere quickly- or on time, for that matter. (trust us- one bird uses Buffalo’s pubic transportation to get to work in the suburbs and it is NOT an easy, or remotely quick, process!)

Have you used one before? Would you think about using a zipcar? Or telling your friends and family about it? We think it would be a great addition to building up our city!

***Check out zipcars at for details.***

plugging it in, in California

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