For a lovebird birthday- all she wanted was to check out two international hotspots that had been on our wishlist. Sunday night celebrations took place at Balkan Dining on Kenmore Ave. in Buffalo, where we stuffed our American faces.

Balkan Dining 687 Kenmore Ave. Buffalo 14223


food: Bosnian //  cost: $-$$ // closed Monday; Tuesday-Sunday 10:30am-8:30pm

Deciding on an early-bird-type time, we arrived at Balkan Dining at 5pm- thankful we did because there is about 6 tables inside and 3 were filled. It was fantastic- we were the only ones not speaking Bosnian. It is clear that this is a wonderful place for the Bosnian diaspora in WNY. Greeted by a smiling server, we were seated immediately and scanned over the menu. For those who get nervous in new places- fear not- you have pictures and descriptions to help. We are big on getting several plates to share and chatting with the owners and servers on what we should try. Usually that turns in to a huge feast of cultural exploration. Go for it.

Image”> Balkan Dining[/caption

Wanting to try it all, we ended up ordering per our server’s suggestion: Mix Meat Plate, Pita, and Gulash. With the mix meat, we we able to try the cevapi, chicken kabob, sudzukice, and veal kabob with some lepina (homemade bread that was addicting), kajmak (Bosnian sour cream), ajvar (a red pepper/eggplant/spiced relish), and spices. The cevapi was so good that we swore we would be ordering this to-go for the next month. And the sudzukice. Ok, so far everything. On another plate was a spinach and cheese pita- made from an extremely thin phyllo dough made from flour, water, and salt. Massive in size, we were glad to learn it was lightweight (and mouth-watering)- we devoured the entire plate. Our third plate was the beef tenderloin gulash over rice, which had such a perfect blend of spices that there was barely any pause between bites.

://”> pita with spinach and cheese

[/caption]”> Bosnian Goulash[/caption]

Watch here as Aida Hamzic of Balkan Dining makes the dough to make the pitas! (

Feeling full, but not overdone, we ordered a poached apple and baklava for dessert. This, by far, was one of the best baklava plates we have ever had- and we have had a fair share from Eastern European travels, Lebanese friends, and an old (and sadly missed) favorite on Transit Rd.: Teta’s. Dripping in honey with thin, flaky layers- it was not fun to share. The poached apple was soft and filled with walnuts. Our server was impressed we cleared our plates. How could we not?

poached apples with walnuts (
baklava and apple”> baklava and apple


The place was bustling with take out orders and we grabbed a menu for future lazy-nights-at-home. It is the perfect spot to eat in or take out, without hurting your wallet. Make sure to kick back with Turkish coffee at the end.

date night approved: exciting, adventurous, fast, delicious, inexpensive, take-out

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