Quick & Simple Date Night: Sushi in Delaware Park

Sometimes we can’t decide what to do. Or where to go. Work and travel has fried our brains and we end up doing that weird bickering that over-tired people do when they’re hangry* and glazed over.

*hangry: a portmanteau of ‘hungry’ and angry’; you’re so hungry that you become angry; when you suddenly realize you’ve turned in to Liza Minnelli and you need a Snickers.

We’ve been doing this quick & simple date night for [going on] 3 summers: doesn’t break your wallet, you get to be outside, & sushi is involved. And wasabi. Lots of wasabi.

Wegman’s sushi on our latest quick & simple date

Our city of Buffalo has numerous outdoor pockets and one of our favorites is Delaware Park. You have 376 acres (Meadow and Water) to choose from and can usually find little spots where you can be alone and enjoy the sunshine and each other. Head to Wegmans (Amherst St.) and pick up your favorite sushi- pick ones you wish to share or try something new! Two Pure Leaf teas, some soy sauce, extra wasabi, and chopsticks and you are ready to go. Bust out that blanket that has been rolled up in the trunk or find a picnic table to devour your dinner. Sunshine & sushi & sharing. What else do you need on a quick & simple date night?

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