Food Truck Tuesdays at Larkin Square

Many many family members and friends still get that glazed-over look when we start talking about Buffalo events, restaurants, and buildings to them. Way north of the city, a lot still have that engrained image of the city in their minds: old, rundown, dangerous, terrible. We’re out to change that. We just keep talking and talking and while sometimes we feel defeated at the end (until next time! muhaha), once in a while we get to show-off something AWESOME and that is when you can slowly see the bricks coming down.

A ton of you are already Buffalovers, avid activists, and downtown dwellers- so bear with us. We are here to get the others. To promote, entice, and prove wrong. So far, we are working on (and succeeding!) with introducing Food Truck Tuesdays at Larkin Square. Accessible, outdoors, and unique- Larkinville (as lovingly called by its owners and regulars) is one of the gems just on the outskirts of downtown that keeps expanding and celebrating this Renaissance. In its official second year of events, Food Truck Tuesday (#ftt) has grown from about 6 trucks to over 25 and it just keeps getting better. With live music, outdoor (or covered) seating, free parking, and hula hoops (yes, you read correctly)- how can someone NOT check this out?

Larkin Square 745 Seneca St. Buffalo, NY

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“This is in Buffalo?!?!?!”

As regular #ftt-ers for a year now, we finally convinced the girl lovebird’s parents to make the 50 minute drive to hang with us. (I mean, this is our wedding celebration of choice for next year after all!) The hesitant attitudes were funny because we knew they would be floored once they arrived. (*insert big smiles right…about…now)

Easy to get to: 33W, continue on to Oak in the far left lane, turn left on to Seneca (right before the 190S merge) and take this down for 5 minutes. You can’t miss Larkin Square. Bam.

So what is Food Truck Tuesday? Over 25 trucks from Buffalo & Rochester gather in the Square from 5-8pm every Tuesday through out the sunny months and serve up mouth-watering dishes that will leave you craving more. Every truck offers healthy options, the Grill (permanently located at the square) offers bar-wrapped seating and beer & wine, and you can end your night with a sweet treat at the Gelato Gypsy cart.


Food from a truck? I don’t know….: Oh no no- get that outta your head right now. You are going to be blown away when you get your hands on Where’s Lloyd’s tacos, The Black Market Food Truck’s Bahn Mi, or Find Frank’s Hello Kitty hot dog (topped with bacon, wasabi mayo, slaw…) and way way more than we can’t list right now.

What’s the point? I’m going to be hungry afterward.: Nope. No, you’re not.

Never heard of Larkin: Now you have!

Buffalo is so far away.: Make an adventure! You do not want to miss out on everything that is changing down here.

If you have not made the trip yet, what are you waiting for? The weather is perfect- create a weeknight date. Grab some outstanding food (we are not kidding), listen to some music, kick back in the bright Adirondack-style chairs and take in what Buffalo is becoming. Be part of the change.



Check the link here to see the food truck list.

You can follow (or see online) each truck to see their menus and if they accept cash or card.

***ATM on premise so you don’t have to pout when you are $3 short.

Restrooms on grounds.

Free lot parking (map available on Larkin Square’s site)

***Buffalovebird suggestion: get there at 4:55pm to beat the crowd.

quiet before the rush
Where’s Lloyd tacos stepoutbuffalo
The BMFT guys
R&R BBQ truck
Le Petit Poutine of Rochester
Betty Crocksi food truck

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