The Best Apps For Couples & Lovebirds

Oh, technology. You fit right in to our two hands and give us everything we could ask for. Including apps that let us be super cheesy with the ones we love. We compiled six apps we think every lovebird should have- with a few that are great solely for exploring Buffalo.



What is it: Restaurants near or far, this quick food-finding app lets you search nearby locations, new openings, and what is popular in town.

Why you need it: You can filter the stats by price, cuisine, location, dietary restrictions- it is our lifesaver as we play that indecisive game on the 33 as to where to eat tonight.

What is fun: You can choose a neighborhood and ‘spin’ the Vegas-like slot to see where to go; create a wishlist of places you want to try; read and write reviews/pics.

All in all, it is the perfect app to find grand openings, the best place for a steak, and hidden gems that you never knew about.



What is it: Designed for just the two of you to keep private conversations, photos, and lists.

Why you need it: If you are that super in love couple, like we are, you just…need it. It’s like a romantic comedy in your hand.

What is fun: You can make grocery lists and edit them from afar, put in important dates (psst, anniversary!), and draw doodles to one another.

So avocados grow only in pairs- just like you and your better half. Hence, the Avocado app.



What is it: The Wegmans app, of course!

Why you need it: It automatically detects your current Wegman’s location and updates the appropriate isles your items are in; keeps your grocery list organized.

What is fun: You can scan barcodes on items that are empty before you chuck them; check out quick recipes to gather for the evening; submit pharmacy refills.

This local app can help you guys stay on track with a grocery budget and keep you organized (in order of the store!) in finding exactly what you need.



What is it: a GPS-based check-in app

Why you need it: Foursquare isn’t just making a list of where you have been (you can make that private)- it shows you what is trending (lots of people), specials and deals at participating businesses, and offers up reviews and photos.

What is fun: Get a sneak peek of places you want to check out but aren’t too sure of; find the hotspots around town

Foursquare rewards you with mayorships and badges and allows you to showoff where you and your lovebird are hanging out at.



What is it: Similar to Avocado, this app allows you to ‘kiss’ over the phone.

Why you need it: for the couples that are either extremely close or in long distance, you can see (or not!) the GPS location of your partner.

What is fun: The Thumbkiss feature allows you to place your thumb on the screen and when your partner touches the same part of the screen, it vibrates- as if there was a true physical touch.

Couple’s Thumbkiss is enough to make an couple smile, near or far.


Ice Break

What is it: The perfect long-distance or new couple app. A series of icebreaker questions.

Why you need it: Get to know your other half by asking and answering get-to-know-you questions.

What is fun: Finding out random facts is always a good time.

Ice Break isn’t necessarily ideal for couples that have been solidified for a long while, but it is great for those who struggle with distance and ones who are just starting off.


Simply Us

What is it: A clean, calendar app.

Why you need it: You’re not in to that mushy stuff with thumb kissing and pics- but you like to stay organized together.

What is fun: You can use a couple app that has no fuss and allows you to remind one another that its in-law night.

If you want to be on the same page but not in an overdone way, this is the calendar for you!

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