What We Did: Creating Your Own Weekend in Downtown Buffalo

The greatest weekends are the ones you don’t plan. And the beautiful part of our city is that literally every corner you turn, Buffalo offers something to do, eat, see, or explore. This past weekend was no exception and it shows how you can fill your days off with adventures together.

The best part of living at the central, gorgeous Hotel Lafayette is that we can walk to hundreds of restaurants, theaters, events, and watering holes. Taking a 15 minute walk to Dinosaur BBQ (located on Franklin), we stuffed our faces and took on the Devil’s Duel sauce. (!!!) We are always so excited to see downtown places packed with people. Not sure if we will ever get over that…more on Dino BBQ later…

Dino BBQ
Dino BBQ


Always nosey about the Main St. progress, we noticed from the police station to Shea’s had been cleaned up and installed with new benches, flowers, and lights. It was thrilling to see dirt, stone, and machines cleared away (finally). The walk home always gives us different views. Upon arrival at the Lafayette, we watched as the closing CNU after-party took to the streets with landscape architect’s grass and trees brought in to takeover Washington St. People were buzzing everywhere and we watched a tango duo dance in the street while Argentinian music filled the air.



Main St., Buffalo - revived
Main St., Buffalo – revived
Main St. details
Main St. details
tango dancers in the street
tango dancers in the street

Saturday morning, we grabbed our bikes for a ride at the Outer Harbor area. Waving to Buffalo kayakers and watching little kids learning to rollerblade with their Dad, we took in the sunshine and busted out a quick and easy 20 mile ride. Very different from the girl lovebird’s usual biking at Presque Isle in Erie, PA (where she lived for 9 years)- from lush woods along the lake and sandy beaches and quiet to old industry stretches within a newly developing New York State Park acreage. The bike paths are a fantastic addition to downtown and they have come a long way in the past 2.5 years.

hi, guys!
hi, guys!

pausing on the path; Union Ship Canal- Outer Harbor, Buffalo, NY
We stopped at the free carousel (located across from the Tifft Nature Preserve entrance) that is in the middle of a grassy space. (see our Instagram shots here from our first visit!) How could you not go for a spin? Perfect for families, kids, and adults. It also got us thinking- what ever happened to the idea of solar-powered carousels at Inner Harbor?? This carousel is run by a company who has it here until the end of August- free, everyday. This is only the beginning of what can happen in this space.

carousel- five minutes outside of downtown Buffalo
carousel- five minutes outside of downtown Buffalo

Stopping at Dug’s Dive on the water, we refueled amidst the boaters, families, and couples who were enjoying the perfect weather. You can bike, run, walk, or drive to Dug’s from downtown. We need more on-the-water spots.

outside of Dug's Dive
outside of Dug’s Dive

Back at the Hotel, we cleaned up and headed to East Aurora for the Music Festival. Slightly confusing and very spaced out, we didn’t get to see many bands…but we did grab some wings and beef on weck at Bar Bill’s. Duh. Ending the day with ice cream at Fowler’s on EA’s Main St., we randomly chose to see a film at Quaker Crossing and then hit the pillow back home.

Bar Bill's: the best wings in WNY (just an opinion!)
Bar Bill’s: the best wings in WNY (just an opinion!)

Sunday morning was quiet and peaceful as the guy lovebird ventured on his morning bike ride- that ended in an afternoon call saying, ‘Hey! I’m at your parent’s house in Newfane!’

What? lol.

So we enjoyed the rain pattering in the woods in Niagara County, made sure the biker got a good nap in, and devoured hometown staple of Wilson’s pizza and wings. Hmm, now that we think about it…we didn’t eat too well this past weekend…

a lovebird's childhood home
a lovebird’s childhood home

Moral of the story is that downtown Buffalo can take you anywhere this weekend. Its new ability to give you something to do together every moment of every day is not to be missed, WNYers. We have an up-and-coming city that you have to start experiencing now- from scratch. Where will this weekend lead you?

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  1. Jess says:

    I love exploring downtown and whatnot and there is a LOT of good food to be had here! I have yet to check out the new Dinosaur although I have eaten at the one in Rochester. I have never had the wings at Bar Bill’s either! New stuff to try!

    1. Hi Jess! Yes- there is an endless amount!! Make a list and start crossing it off! 😀

      1. Jess says:

        That’s what I’m going to have to do!

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