Botanical Gardens: A Must-Do by Saturday evening!

Entrance to Buffalo Botanical Gardens
Entrance to Buffalo Botanical Gardens

If you have been watching the news, Twitter, Facebook, or any other source of media- you heard this morning that ‘Morty’ the corpse flower has bloomed at the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens!

For those of you horticulturally-obsessed (like girl bird), you have already heard about this rare, stinky flower: 

Native to Sumatra, Indonesia- these corpse flowers (which thrive in the rainforests there) grow between 6 and 8 feet tall and bloom every 6-10 years! YEARS! The Botanical Gardens received three of these [ amorphophallus titanium ] plants in the beginning of July and Morty has blossomed as of last night! These flowers are quite stinky (garbage, rotted flesh!) and only last 24-48 hours, with its stench especially strong during the evening. 

Morty, the corpse flower, in bloom!!!
Morty, the corpse flower, in bloom!!!

A line waiting outside and news crews still bustling inside, it was exciting to be one the first in line. The plant is like something out of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, standing over 7 feet tall. Within a couple days, it will disintegrate and begin anew, taking up to a decade to bloom again.

close up of the corpse flower... P U!!!
close up of the corpse flower… P U!!!

The Gardens are keeping their doors open til 11pm tonight and tomorrow (8/8 and 8/9) for people to experience this limited-time-only view. You can check the Botanical Gardens site here and view admission cost, directions, and other gorgeous plant-life to see. (our fav today was the medicinal herbs!) Make sure to follow our Instagram for more pics as well as taking your own using the hashtags: #mortystinks #buffalogardens and follow @MortyStinks on Twitter.

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hmm, wouldn’t want to get snarled in that…
some amazing bonsai trees inside the gardens!

image image image image image image image image

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  1. buffalogrl25 says:

    I missed Morty this time around and I’m disappointed! Hopefully I remember in 6-0 years! Great pics and review. I love the Botanical Gardens. Another Buffalo gem!

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