Toutant is coming…


The past three years, we have seen quite the change on the Genessee Gateway. From clearing out run down facilities to bringing in Dog e Style and Marcos, around the corner (sometimes known as the Flower District, where Maureen’s is on Ellicott) another development is happening. Toutant.

The awesome view of overflowing disposals line at 437 Ellicott this morning outside of the future restaurant, which we hear is aiming to open May 15th. The chef? Former Park Country Club extraordinaire James Roberts. He has named his new (up-and-coming) hotspot after his great grandfather’s trapping & fishing camp in southern Louisiana (you just know this is going to be cool!). [pronounced: too-tawnt]

The cuisine already has us grabbing our drawstring pants out of the closet- cast iron corn bread, jambalaya, oysters, hush puppies, biscuits and gravy, sweet potato pie…arghhh, how will we ever look good for this wedding in August we are the starring roles of?

Looking to serve up brunch and dinner, the Toutant website is already up for your viewing pleasure and is accepting reservations (ours are already made!). Get ready, WNY, for another opening in downtown Buffalo- ain’t no stoppin’ us now! 

Get all the details on Toutant’s website & stay tuned for how our adventure goes…

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