Toutant- A Sunday date

Haven’t we all kept our eyes on Toutant the past few months? Another Genesee Gateway goodie with exposed brick interior and a menu you can’t resist. (It could be we just get pumped about anything within walking distance to our home at the Hotel Lafayette!)

Sunday night. Date night reservations made online two weeks ago. The bar and high rise tables were packed already at 5pm when we entered. Sunlight spilling in to the entrance. Greeted by a smiling hostess, we were led upstairs to the second level. We could not wait to dive in to this menu…

Our signature move is going all out at a new place- we started with the Hush Puppies (which were sprinkled with jalapenos inside), Blue Crab Bisque, and American Country Ham. 

Yea. That didn’t last long. The presentation alone with the crab bisque was impressive- the bowl was brought over filled only in the center with crab and our server, Christine, came with a carafe and poured the bisque over top the crab. We haven’t experienced that in quite some time. The cayenne oil left a distinct, mouth-watering aroma. The American Country ham was so delicious- aged perfectly, with house pickles and red eye mustard. Wait, we are supposed to SHARE these plates? But we want our own!

seating on the second floor, interior view of buiding courtyard

After settling on what we would be splitting for our main courses, Christine asked our preference of heat for our Jambalaya dish- 1 through 5, highest heat at 5. Big fans of ‘things that clear your sinuses’, guy bird tends to want to push it even further. Compromising at 3, Christine promised to bring over their hot sauce for him to add if he wants more. 

After a long week and a busy weekend of being out of town, biking over 50 miles, and sneaking in wedding prep here & there- we played catch up as we anxiously awaited our Jambalaya with shrimp and sausage and Biscuits & Gravy.


 Not. Disappointed. At. All. So again..we are supposed to share?

So here is the best part of date night: when we thought guy bird was going to die.

Well, at least one half of Buffalovebirds thought that. 

Taking a moment to break away from devouring the biscuits, girl bird looks up and across the table- guy bird is DRIPPING in sweat. His brow and cheeks were sweaty and tears were trickling down his face. He was quiet and taking it like a champ. Was the jambalaya really that potent?? Nope.

Suzumebachi. Yea, Google that. It’s an Asian Giant Hornet and has killed people with its venom sting. He had put it on his jambalaya and looked like he had run a marathon through Hell. Stiffling laughter and also annoying him with, ‘Are you okay? No, really, are you okay?’- within 5 minutes he was back to normal. He recalls the last time he had heat like that was at Hot’s Kitchen when he was taste-testing habañero sauce and drank a quart of milk afterward. This hot sauce is awesome. (but now you are warned)

Always pulling out the cheesy line of ‘I have a seperate stomach for dessert’, we ended the date with an Ooey Gooey Cake and a Meyer Lemon Curd Jar. 

We could eat these all day. 

Finding out that Toutant also has take out, we now know we are in trouble! After hearing nothing but raving reviews, we gladly jump on that bandwagon. Toutant leaves you wanting to come back and order the rest of the menu and that’s just what we will be doing. It is that southern comfort food that you can never get enough of. Snag your friends for some cocktails and shared plates, bring your out-of-towners here to show off our diverse Buffalo cuisine, and make sure you have a date night out with your other half. See ya there!


Toutant // 437 Ellicott St. Buffalo, NY 14203 // 716.342.2901

Reservations are easy! Make them online. 

Street parking & paid lots // Open for brunch on Sunday

Monday 5p–2a
Thursday- Saturday 5p–2a
Sunday Brunch 11:30a–3:30p
Sunday Dinner 5p–2a





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