Mac’s on Hertel: The Impromptu Date Night

Mac’s has been bumpin’ for a little bit now on Hertel, where the former Empire once was. Watching the transformation has been fun but we honestly forgot about it until *bam* it was open and the buzz began.

It’s pretty easy to figure out by now (if you have been following) that we sometimes have those moments of ‘Where do you wanna go?’ ‘I don’t know. Where do you wanna go?’. Tonight…was one of them. After a long day and half of an evening of networking, we ended up on Hertel- pulling over to check out Mac’s. It has a completely different look than its former life, including an outdoor second-level patio. And it just so happens- tonight had the perfect patio weather.

Flowers by Heimiller Greenhouses in Newfane, NY

Make sure you check out the old downtown mural photo at the interior bar- just something about old Buffalo city pictures that get us pumped up. The menus were so cute. Yes, we both said ‘cute’ and we mean it. Playing off of an old newspaper, Mac’s even has old Buffalo articles in the them- taking you back in time.  



Like the eaters we are, right off the bat we ordered the nachos with pork and they arrived in a fun ‘out-of-the-oven’ way:

Pretty good, too. Our table neighbors were eyeing them up and ended up ordering some, as well. The place was packed- both patios and indoors, too. Filled with twenty-forty-somethings and lined with flowers, it still is a great corner to watch the sunset on the NoBo (North Buffalo) horizon and watch the North Park Theatre lights twinkle. (*side note: it was especially nice due to the fact ‘Sugar Wonder Blues‘ was on the marquee at North Park- a film directed by girl birds’ high school band teacher’s daughter with art direction by a fellow classmate’s little sister)

It must have been a burger night because we both opted for them:


Full from nachos, we boxed up the rest and rolled out of there happy and full. We really liked our impromptu date- a great patio, good food, chatting with a friend who walked by, and overally a great vibe from Mac’s. We will be back. 


Mac’s on Hertel

1435 Hertel Ave. Buffalo, NY 14216

street parking • outdoor patios •burgers

Perfect for date night because of the location, vibe, and food- even late late at night. 

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