What Happened To The Hatch?

If you follow us, you may notice we never write a sad date idea. But there is a first for everything. 

Last year, we praised The Hatch and its (potential) comeback. A spectacular view on the water, great space, clam bar, burgers, salads, fries, hot dogs, and what every Buffalonian loves- outdoor seating. 

The food is great and we would come frequently on our bikes to get a bite to eat and hang out and chat. Tonight was our first trip to The Hatch this summer- and we are confused. 


On a Wednesay night, we biked over and as we arrived, it was as if a nightclub was pumping. House and dance music blaring in all speakers, to the point where you couldn’t hear.* Hardcore lyrics streaming through the air with expletives yada yada. A couple behind us stood in silence and said they would try their luck at Liberty Hound. Wanting a nice evening on the water, we proceeded to order food but sat in silence as we couldn’t hear one another. A mother and child left because a gentleman lit up next to her and the music was most likely too loud. 

The place was filled- generally at all seats and the clam bar. The sunset is gorgeous and the water…beautiful. We ate in silence and opted for ice cream to cheer us up. Needless to say, we left right away because we couldn’t hear and eating our ice cream while inhaling cigarettes wasn’t very fun.


The view is beautiful, the food is great. But we may not stop by again. Here’s to The Hatch and their expansion and their (potential) opportunity to create a lovely environment on the water. 

But perhaps this is where The Hatch is heading. And if that’s the case, congrats. We will miss the old way it was headed…

*don’t get us wrong. We both worked at places that blared music. We also have traveled the world hitting up the top clubs. We dig House music.

**opinions are our own 

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