Pizza 101: Niagara County

As we always remind you- us lovebirds grew up in Niagara County before traveling the world and landing in downtown Buffalo. So naturally, we hit up old stomping grounds every time we head back home and It causes us to relive our teenage years.

Last night, an impromptu northern visit aimed us in to Newfane (girl bird) and a 9:45pm dinner time meant one thing: Wilson’s Pizza


Located on Main St. in the heart of Newfane, Wilson’s has held its pizza and wings name in town for over 50 years. During childhood, there were two choices in Newfane on where to get your pizza- and the town was divided like the Capulets and Montagues. Pizza is serious. The Wilson’s Pizza lovers mean this: sweet sauce, thick crust, and all the kids’ favorite cut: square pieces. 

With 10 minutes to spare before our order was complete, we headed in to the small shop front (inside an old home) and girl bird chirped away about skipping school to get a slice (but always going back cause she was nervous), arguing at slumber parties on which two pizza places to order from, and then went on and on about how she used to know everyone that worked here (up until now). With very limited seating- really only to grab a slice and eat it fast- Wilson’s is the ultimate take out spot…but it has some cool items on the wall that you should check out when you pop inside:

Grateful Dead memories


The picture above is actually quite personal to the Newfane community. The upper right photo is the elementary school’s former Principal, Tom Hicks. Mr. Hicks had been a superior boxer in his day, before taking on the administration world. How cool that this is displayed in the town’s local pizza shop!

Ok ok, so the food.

Salivating, yet? We don’t blame you. We opted for thick crust, sweet sauce, SQUARE SLICES (because for some reason, that is more fun). We devoured more pieces than we needed and caught girl birds’ Dad woofing down a couple slices. 

Spoiled by wing specialists in WNY, we say ‘make these things hotter!!’ in order to have some kick-butt wings. Pizza > wings at Wilson’s but you just have to pair the two anyway. Nothin’ like coming home to relive childhood memories.


Wilson’s Pizza 2730 Main St. Newfane, NY 14108


Take out // sweet sauce // street and ‘lots nearby’ to park // ice cream at Scotchie’s next door to top off your cheat meal


Go, Panthers! 

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