The Buffalovebirds


It has been over 4 years since we moved in to downtown Buffalo at the Hotel Lafayette. The city was still quiet; on the cusp of its re-surge. There was no Canalside, no Marriott hotels, no Marble + Rye. No Harborcenter, Tappo, or Cars on Main. No Chippewa change-over, no all-glass DNC structure, no Pedal Tours. No Larkin Square, a coffee revolution, or brewery boom yet. We have been able to experience all of it right in front of our eyes- right outside of our front door.

Beau // Lindsay



Things started to change here and no one outside of Buffalo believed us. One night, walking through Tifft, Beau had enough of it. He thought we should start documenting our dates and things we did around Buffalo so our friends and family near and far could SEE what was really going on. Growing up as Niagara County kids, we could not wait to change the views of everyone. Everyone had grown up with a different Buffalo and we wanted to share our experiences in downtown as it grew. After all, seeing is believing!

We hope to inspire you with our adventures and see everything Buffalo has for a great date night! Follow us as we fall in love over and over again- with each other and the city.

-Lindsay & Beau

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  1. scott says:

    Great post! Alix and I’ve been doing a similar thing in Washington, DC for the last couple of years. Now we’re just packing our bags for our move back to WNY in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we get a chance to meet up in the near future. Have a great Sunday!

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