The Story of Us

Before we made downtown Buffalo our home, our lives were slightly far away. It was one of those love-at-first-sight sappy love stories…we kid you not. On a trip back home to Newfane, NY for a girls’ night, I walked in to Taboo (now called Lock 34) and locked eyes with a very cute bartender (cliche, you say?). Nervous, I ordered a salad and my best girl acted as wing-woman to make sure we at least said more than our dinner orders to him. After the number swap and setting a date, the rest is history. Inseparable.

To give you the super quick version of how we met and fell in love, we want to share our Save the Date from fall 2014 with you. We wrote this story in a Tim Horton’s one rainy night after our engagement in 2013 and Vallarina Creative designed the fun layout with us!


Beau moved in to the Hotel Lafayette in early Spring 2012- one of the very first tenants in the newly restored building. We received a hardhat tour from Rocco Termini himself before it was even completed and signed on right away, dirt floors and all. I visited from Erie, PA every weekend and we explored Buffalo together- kayaking, trying new restaurants, watching Canalside being built, smelling Cheerios, and biking to Elmwood Village. The city was coming alive with new business and places to eat every month. In the Fall of 2012, I moved to Buffalo after it had impressed me so. There was so much fun to be had, how could I not be here during its rebirth?

Things were changing, yet people found our adventures hard to believe.

‘Ok. We’ll show you.’

And so became the Buffalovebirds idea. The story of us.

Okay, so there is the Save the Date Love Story…what about the wedding??

buff news 5
The Riggs Wedding, Larkin Square 8/8/15

Well you’re just gonna have to wait for the next post. 😉




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