Hot Spot: Casa Azul

Ever since the first bite at Jaguar at the Bistro, we’ve been suckers for Victor Parra Gonzalez and his sister Diana. Jaguar may be in the past, but we have been excited to visit their latest collaboration with Zina Lapi (Blue Balls Bus): Casa Azul.
Casa Azul opened their downstairs taqueria on December 5th and you bet we were counting down the hours to walk over and grab some tacos.

you will recognize this as the former Dog e Style in the Genesee Gateway downtown

We both commented on the name, space, and decor with Beau noticing the ‘blue house’ consisting of the shipping crates we have become familiar with and myself remembering my now-retired Art teacher mother mentioning Frida Kahlo’s museum which is the same moniker. Frida is already gracing the space inside, too.

Until they open the upstairs, right now you can order 11 different tacos and a torta at the first bar area and watch the team work their magic at the open kitchen space in the back. Soon, the upper level will be a bigger menu and shared plates. 

You know we always go all out, so we noshed on: Carne Asada, Potato & Poblano, Sweetbread, Mexican Kiss, Pork Belly, and Fish. Oh…so so good.

We really enjoyed their drink menu (which for now is non-al) and were surprised at the list- horchata, watermelon mint, pineapple concoctions…we promise to show a list when we are in again!

Birria (top) and Fish
The place was filled and eventually overflowing by 7:30pm. It didn’t take long at all for our tacos and we just kicked back, enjoying the music and bustling workspace. It was nice to exchange hello’s with Victor, too.

(bottom) Mexican Kiss
(bottom to top) Sweetbread, Carne Asada, Potato & Poblano

We can’t wait for Casa Azul to continue onward- and of course for the future Las Puertas. If you want an impromptu date night, you have to come for some tacos!

Casa Azul

Parking: street (you will survive- we promise!)

Monday – Saturday, 11:30am-9pm

closed Sunday

Great for: date night, lunch (business or fun), day date, solo, taking visitors to Buffalo. 

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