Baby Lovebird: Jack & Jill Party Details!

On Saturday, January 21, 2017 we had Baby Lovebird’s party with our friends & family! Beau and I love love love having parties where we can bring everyone together in cool spaces around Buffalo. We held our engagement party at The Lodge, our bridal shower in the Greenhouse Room at the Hotel Lafayette, our wedding vows in the Crystal Ballroom at the Hotel, and the wedding fiesta at Larkin Square with food trucks. This time, we decided to have our baby shower as a Jack & Jill party at Iron Works!



What is a Jack & Jill Shower?

Also called a Couples Shower, Jack & Jill’s are open to guys, gals, and- if you want- kids & babies. It takes two to tango and the guys are a big factor in makin’ babies a real thing! Having been to couple of these parties in previous years, we knew a long time ago we wanted one. What better way to have friends & family together in one spot to celebrate?

At the candy bar- it’s party time!

Picking the spot

You guys know we are big Buffalo supporters! No surprise there. So when it came to thinking of places that would be different, fun, and comfortable for all- Beau immediately said ‘Iron Works’. It is big, we had the place to ourselves, and it’s an awesome music venue. My good friend, the General Manager Josh Holtzman, was great to work with and he introduced me to Lagerhaus 95‘s new head honcho taking care of the catering for Iron Works.

Husbands, wives, babies!
Looking down from the top portion of Iron Works in to part of the crowd

Why Saturday?

Why not? We thought it would be nice for people to go off and do what they want the rest of Saturday evening and still have all of Sunday to relax and do what they want! We even created a mini-website for our guests to read up on things to do in Buffalo after the shower!

Inside the party

Lagerhaus 95 did the spread and it was so so good! We chose beef on weck, bbq and medium wings, pasta, salad, hummus and pita, and veggie wraps. It was good to see people going up for seconds and thirds!

We had Paula’s Donuts for dessert and caught people taking a bunch home with them after! We tiered and trayed the donuts so people could help themselves. So. Damn. Good.

It’s a Buffalo thing when Paula’s is there

Hot pink, cobalt blue, deep orange, sun yellow, and a bright teal color scheme filled the room and a candy bar for the kids lined one section for an immediate sugar rush.

candy bar

A hot cocoa bar with all sorts of toppings was set up for guests. But who knew it was going to be 62 degrees out?! We had traditional treats plus andes mints, mexican chili powder, caramel drizzle, and sea salt.

hot cocoa on an unseasonably warm winter day?!

Our good friend brought in a booty duty activity where guests wrote messages on the back of diapers for us to read for a laugh at 3am!


As a musician and Ethnomusicologist, music runs through my blood and soul nonstop. I whipped up a music playlist- all relating to the words ‘baby’ or ‘girl’- and we had ‘Big Daddy’ playing up on the big screen in the background.

The weather was perfect, the venue was comfortable for all, and we are so happy over 55 of our friends & family members joined us to get ready for Baby Riggs! (aka: Baby Lovebird) Why not think outside the box when planning your baby shower? Be daring, be different, be fun! Six more weeks until we are ‘officially parents’- bring it on! 

Over 70 donuts- DEVOURED
music, movie in background, lots of food!
It was so nice to have people mingling in the side area, upstairs, and at the bar!
Thank you to everyone for celebrating with us! Here we are- future mom & dad!

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