Introducing: Chloe, Our Baby Lovebird

omg. dimples. cannot handle!

We are so proud to introduce you to our little babe: Chloe O’Hara Riggs! She is here- finally! And everything is so surreal…pinch us- are we dreaming?

Chloe made her debut on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 10:25am at Sisters Hospital, weighing 7lbs .8oz and 20 inches in length. 

Chloe O’Hara Riggs

Her story started Monday , March 6 at 6:30am and after a wild 26 hours of unmedicated labor (yep, I am stubborn and tough)- the last 2 hours with an epidural suddenly became the only timeframe we cared about. With Baby Daddy Beau by my side every second of the way, the intense bond and experience we had together took us to another level. (Oh my, cliche, yes we know)

When she arrived, the dream began. Not only was she there in person- which is so wild still for me to even fathom that a little person was in my belly- but our new chapter started in an instant. 

The entire Labor & Delivery staff at Sisters may just be comprised of real angels on Earth. After going through three rotations of nurses, we had a nonstop incredible experience with every person we encountered. Even when it was showtime, we were cracking jokes with everyone in the room (a party of 6 staff) and our doctor was quoting Chapelle and R. Kelly lyrics with Beau. The next day, Beau ordered a slew of ‘Pretty in Pink’ smoothies from Squeeze to bring the the staff. He thought: healthy, pink for Chloe, and a natural boost for their long hours. 

What’s in a name?

We had known Baby Lovebird’s name for several  months (a secret!). It was an instant and mutual love for it. We always wanted the middle name to honor a grandparent. Suddenly, Beau mentioned his grandmother’s maiden name: O’Hara. She had been proud to be of that lineage and Beau fondly remembers her speaking about how this was ‘who she was’. His Grandma had been an extremely important woman in his life and we thought this was the perfect way to honor her. So became Chloe O’Hara (how ‘Gone With the Wind’!)

C-Dog, the nickname given to her by her Dad ages ago, has been the perfect little baby… far! She has met a lot of family and will meet more friends this week. We have become that legit cliche of staring at your baby nonstop and suddenly feeling like all you want to do is protect her and try to make the world perfect. 

So pinch us next time you see us- we have been doing it every day. Chloe O. is here and we could not be more ecstatic and in love!

Photos taken by the hospital photographer, Andrea- who recognized me from when I moderated a panel last fall at an entrepreneurial artist boot camp! Small world, Buffalo!


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  1. Terry sargent says:

    I would like to see a picture of grandma holding the baby for me. She looks like a very happy baby. Congratulations again. Cousin terry and dot .these pictures I will be showing to great great aunt Marion sargent now is 90 years old and still doing well

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