Elmwood’s ‘House of Pain’: BikeorBar

spin class at BikeorBar

It is now mid-March, the baby is here and it is time for guy bird to take off his pregnancy weight. With a pregnant wife and a couple of serious exams for work I may have hibernated, sat around reading, and stress ate a few too many Snickers. The timing is perfect to get serious because it is right about when all of the New Years resolution folks start to fade. I invite everyone to join me at my favorite spot to sweat: Bikeorbar.

This “House of Pain”, located in the Elmwood Village, is Buffalo’s first indoor cycling studio and it will leave you crying for mommy and then crawling back begging for more. This elite fitness studio offers an array of ass-kickin’ workouts while pumping bass into your veins. Imagine a one night stand between  Lance Armstrong & Beyonce  that gave birth to a child that was raised by Jillian Michaels & Kanye West and I give you BikeorBar.

Every class offered here will have you soaking wet and breathless. With the best stationary bikes in WNY they offer Spinning, Rowing, Barre, Aerial, Yoga, etc. My personal favorites are their hybrid classes that combine things like spinning and cross-fit in to one class that will for sure make you unable to lift the shampoo in your morning shower. Classes start as early as 5:45am and as late as 7:45pm. Take advantage of a BAFF class (bring a friend free) and then select from one of their many packages they offer. Take advantage of private classes/training as well.

The key to a good group class is the instructor and that is where BikeorBar really shines and sets itself apart from the competition. Every instructor (and I mean every single one) is going to destroy you. They all equally take full joy in watching you cry. The core of BikeorBar starts with the boss lady and headmistress, Alex, who welcomes all challengers- oh, did I forget to mention there is a scoreboard so let your competitive side go nuts (Alex doesn’t lose nor does she like to). Next up is the Sicilian Sensation that always has her sassy pants on: Brit (I call her “The Truth” because she will make you truly know what you’re made of). The sweetheart of the group who is all smiles while she yells at you: Tay (all you moms out there- she recently had a little boy and looks amazing already). MaryKate will have you doing things you never knew you could at her 5:45am rowing class. The silent statue of a man, Johnny, specializes in one on one training (should be a separate waiver to sign before a one on one with him). Last but not least the tatted up and by far the most intense instructor there: MJ (have the wheel barrel ready to roll you out after her class). Side note: I learned the hard way that “Hip Hop Spin” does NOT mean ‘oh cool Hip Hop music’– this is the most intense spinning class offered here and if you have a chance to take Bella’s or JayZ ‘s class you will not have a second to catch your breath. You have been warned. Live DJ Big Rob spinning during Friday night spin class is an epic and energetic event. Sign up at least a week in advance to get a spot.

live dj during spin: DJ Big Rob

This place will quickly become your fitness family or for me my daily therapy sessions because Brit is such a good listener and after a one hour session with her my daily stress is quickly forgotten. This place welcomes all levels of fitness: first time spinners, cyclists, triathletes, gymnasts, yogis, dancers and most importantly those looking to get their asses handed to them with a smile and a side of bass.

As a former Division I swimmer and aspiring triathlete with loads of triathlons under my belt and a handful of half-Ironman events, this is where you will find me getting the bulk of my training done. So download your MindBody app, get logged into Spivi and go to Bikeorbar.com to get signed up for your first class. Coming soon to a cycling studio near you- catch guy bird at his first “Bring a Baby to Barre” class with Tay, It will be quite the show. 


rowing class

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