Get ‘Trapped’: Can You Escape? *CLOSED AS OF JULY 2018

trapped logo

Remember those mystery room games we played online as kids? Heck, even the ones we secretly downloaded on our iPads as adults? How we totally envisioned ourselves in a real-life room all locked up and declaring we would ‘totally nail this’ if it were real? Okay…now is your chance. They have arrived in WNY.

Before Chloe arrived, we hit up ‘Trapped- A Buffalo Escape Room Experience‘ with our friends and put ourselves to the test: are we smart enough to escape the room before time is up?

Trapped is located on Sheridan in Tonawanda and is very unassuming at first.  You can book online or call to schedule your fate. It has several rooms you can choose from, each with a different backstory and theme. We booked the escape with two sets of our couple friends who met us in the lobby where we were transported in to our story- Room 9 (notably the toughest room they have). After hearing the room’s backstory (a 1970s-inspired haunted hotel room) and the rules of the game dished out (one hour to beat the clock…question everything in there), we were escorted in to our room and ‘locked in’. Now to escape…

Dark. Creepy. A thunderous rainstorm pours through the speakers. *insert wide-eyed emoji

The six of us were pretty (overly) confident. We joked that between all of our education degrees and the amount of hours spent playing these online games between us, we were going to NAIL THIS. We started searching for clues, digging in to things, checking every nook and cranny- finding clues, riddles, and pictures…psh, we are so going to do this in, like, 15 minutes.

*49 minutes later*

‘Oh my God, I’m sweating!!!’, someone exclaims. Clearly due to the ticking clock.

Not only does the creepy music and sound effects get to you (in the right way) but the fact that you still have insane locks and puzzles to solve with minutes to spare makes you feel nuts! You cannot help but chuckle at your failures and try to reassess. Okay, so maybe these rooms are more challenging in the real world. We can’t give away everything about Room 9, but we can tell you that we made it out under an hour (barely) and it definitely made us laugh from frustration.

trapped room 9
entry to Room 9 *photo courtesy of Trapped
trapped room 9 blood
inside Room 9…whoa. *photo courtesy of Trapped

Trapped is a fun and different experience to take on with friends and family- even a good challenge for team and work bonding. The three themed rooms rotate throughout the year to keep things fresh and new- and they have just begun Mystery Tap Takeovers which is something really cool to rally your friends up for. You can book the takeovers on their site. We were all back to (overly) confident feelings- you know…since we made it out in 58 minutes. Pros. Obviously.

Our crew: Jess, Tom, Beau, super pregnant Lindsay (me), super pregnant Amy, and Andrew

So if you are stuck trying to figure out something different and unique to do in Buffalo this weekend, you really should head to Trapped and test out your skills. And live out your teenage dream of totally escaping like a pro (yea, we’ll see!). Gather your buds and test yourself- will you survive? Let us know!

Trapped– 2171 Sheridan Dr., Tonawanda 14223…716-495-0002

  • Tuesday-Sunday; special requests…$25/player…4-10 players each room
  • cool for friends, family, kids (with adult supervision), work colleagues, team building
  • hit up Buffalo Tap Room & Grill after for some grub & a beer (5 minutes away)

Facebook info

*thanks to Trapped for the cool experience and for the sneak peek pics below!

trapped chess
looks innocent in The Wizard’s Keep room, no?
trapped room 9 locks
see ALL of those locks in Room 9??? and that is only a few of them…
trapped suitcases
the lock codes change throughout the year along with the room themes
trapped tomb coins
The Tomb- what does this all mean?

trapped tomb pharoah
trapped room 9 phone
everything means something at Trapped…

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