Fun Date: Ya Gotta Go Get Cookie Dough

kaylena’s got mad dough // pic: kaylena’s insta

Raise your hand if you have risked your life spooning out large amounts of raw cookie dough and scarfing it down like there’s no tomorrow before you even have baked your cookies. 

Ha. That’s a lot of hands.

Guess what? There are now TWO edible cookie dough spots in Buffalo where you can get your sugar rush: Kaylena Marie’s Bakery and Dough Boyz.

Kaylena’s is located in Orchard Park and this young entrepreneur has started filling waffle cones up with dough like M&M’s and Funfetti. It’s definitely like that cookie batch you’re about to make- doughy, sugary, filled with the goods. You can  share this since it is so rich. Or not…

kaylena marie’s m&m cookie dough

Dough Boyz just opened in Cheektowaga at the Walden Galleria Mall near Jack Astor’s. A local guy in Depew started this up and plans on expanding locally and in other large NY malls. You don’t have to share this cup of dough. It’s a little lighter and you can mix scoops (depending on the size). Like S’Mores or Red Velvet. Nom nom nom.

dough boyz s’mores on bottom, americano on top

So if you need a little dessert date or somewhere to go after dinner- now you know where to get your edible cookie dough. You’re welcome. 

*The Cookie Dough Cafe sells their cute little dough containers at Tops and Orchard Fresh, too! pick up a late night treat.

Perfect for: day or night, dessert date, in moderation with kids, after a breakup, when you wanna treat yo’self.

kaylena’s // pic: step out buffalo
kaylena’s // pic: step out buffalo
dough boyz inside the galleria

the goods at dough boyz
dough boyz

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