Larkinville’s New Kid on the Block: Swan Street Diner

Not sure if anything makes us more giddy than a new joint opening up in Buffalo. Especially when it’s in the same street block as where we got married! Larkinville added another awesome and super cute hotspot: Swan Street Diner.

We got a sneak peek of the diner this past Friday and it is ADORBS. It’s a 1937 Sterling diner car that has been restored to its beauty by the Larkin Development Group. We were greeted by Larkinville royal Leslie Zemsky upon arrival for lunch last Friday and were seated within seconds. Here we go!

The diner is impressive and historical, transporting you back in time with the beautiful mahogany wood and pie counter. The menu is filled with breakfast and lunch items and it even has ‘diner lingo’ to teach you how to order like they did back in the day: white cow = milkshake…motor oil = maple syrup. Props to the diner’s head chef, Amanda Amico. She is the owner behind Amy’s Food Truck, too. 

We ordered the Pumpkin Waffles, Flapjacks, crisp bacon, and Breakfast Tacos #2.

PSA: the crisp bacon was done RIGHT. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼And they have mimosas all day, every day. Two wins!

We caffeinated up with coffee, which they get from Undergrounds– a cafe on S. Park Ave. we like to stop in at. A plan to return was already being discussed before we even finished our food. The details are what makes the diner come together and also why we have so much respect for Leslie, who is the Director of Fun at Larkinville. Her attention to detail and the amount of research to get something just right is remarkable. Her son Harry is also a mastermind behind the diner. A great example is the wallpaper beyond the main diner room: it is custom-designed and if you stop to look you will notice they are painted diner plates. Some were even designed by Leslie herself. The actual diner plates we ate off of? They’re from the former Buffalo China factory which was housed locally here in WNY. Seriously, we can’t make up stuff this cool.

The diner opens officially to the public on Tuesday, October 10th and will be open 7am-3pm every day of the week. We’re already planning to come back this month and try more items on the menu and bring little Chloe, too. Bravo, Swan Street Diner- expect us to pop in and grab an order of Cluck and Grunt with a side of Jayne Mansfield’s and Motor Oil. 


  • Swan Street Diner // 700 Swan St. Buffalo 14210 (next to Harry Zemsky’s Hydraulic Hearth)
  • Street and lot parking
  • All week 7am-3pm
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Perfect for solo, couples, small families, kid-friendly, diner breakfast
  • Facebook

Bike racks outside / GOBike Buffalo helped plan this
original stools are restored as well as the glass pie counter

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