What Buffalo’s Scavenger Hunt Was Like!: Explore & More Children’s Museum

On Tuesday, October 3rd we teamed up with Explore & More Children’s Museum for the first ever citywide Scavenger Hunt- for adults! It was a day of play and involved racing around the city to become the ultimate champion of Buffalo. 

Stephanie (Brian’s better half), Beau, Brian (Beau’s cousin), and Lindsay: in the car and ready to go!

The rundown: the hunt included trivia questions and in-person tasks around Buffalo and you only had 90 minutes to get as many points as you could. We gathered our adventure besties, Brian and Stephanie, to hop in the car with us and help our team race to the finish line. We downloaded the app (Eventzee) which is designed for hunts like this and at 6:30pm the clues began flashing on the screen- time to go! With our map packet from Explore & More, we devised a plan to start north of the city and work our way down toward the heart of Buffalo.

We were racing to and fro, nailing challenges as they came- like take a selfie with Abe Lincoln behind the History museum…eat a cupcake from ‘Cookie‘ on the West Side…find the Underground Railroad plaque outside the Michigan St. Baptist Chuch…win a shuffleboard game up inside The Revs on Franklin. In between tasks, Stephanie and I answered loads of Buffalo trivia questions to gather more points. We nailed it and answered all of them within an hour. 

At Michigan St. Baptist Chuch
what’s up, Abe??
Fun fact: Brian & Stephanie are the Nickel City Sweethearts from the Buffalo Amazing Race!

The sun was setting and we were neck and neck for the number one spot. We raced to gather more tasks and beat the clock before 8pm hit. At 7:59pm on the dot, another final task was carried out- snap a pic of the Hotel Lafayette wooden murals in the lobby. Sweaty, giggly, and proud of our efforts we headed back to 500 Seneca where the after-party happened.

Explore & More fed us and filled the atrium with a DJ spinning music and prizes for the winners. We ended up in second place and felt good about not only kicking butt in the game but first and foremost supporting the Children’s Museum. The efforts of the Scavenger Hunt is going toward the new museum which is being built now at Canalside. We are so happy to see this expanding and becoming accessible to more people- including surrounding city neighborhoods. More vibrant life is coming to the water! With a bigger space and more programming, our kids will have the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow. 

With Co-Chairs and good friends, Jenna & Althea Luehrsen of Leadership Buffalo!
a rendering of a future Explore & More room at the new space

We can’t wait to see another Scavenger Hunt happen- it was too fun and it all went toward the perfect family cause! Congrats Explore & More on a great family fun night and we cannot wait to cheer you on as you grow! 

Memorable moments:

  • High fives from CEO Douglas Love
  • Sniffing candy bar diapers at EduKids
  • Beau accidentally starting to drive away before Lindsay was fully inside car (she’s fine!!) 
  • Having everyone around Buffalo looking super confused and being very intrigued as to why hundreds of people were running all over the place taking selfies (it’s for the museum, duh!)
  • Being out of breath after racing from task to task- literally!
  • Trying to fit everyone’s face in a selfie screen

Check out Explore & More’s Facebook for more pics and to follow along for events, programming, and details!

Brian was really excited about the Wegmans challenge!

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