A New Year: 2018

It’s been a full day of 2018 so far. It was cold, quiet, and went by too fast. We’re back to work in the morning and are thankful we had two long weekends together with our little family. Beau was lucky enough to take the week off and spend it with Chloe.

I wanna be like DaddyI wanna be like Daddy.

Why is it that a *new year* makes us want to have resolutions, get organized, and set ourselves up for to-do lists that we swear will get checked off? We try to not promise ourselves anything here at the Riggs house- it’s more of us (meaning mainly Beau) saying, ‘Gonna kick ass and take names this year.’

Perhaps that’s why each year has gotten better and better. Looking at the new year just to be BETTER…at family, at work, at love, at fighting, at communication, at problem-solving, at laughing, and at taking risks. So a cheers to 2018- we already were able to stay up til midnight and watch the ball drop, fill Beau with Theraflu to hack his virus, and document Chloe’s first New Years Day.

ONESIE: Kohl’s // JOY BOX: HomeGoods //

PARTY HAT: made by Lindsay using wrapping paper, washi tape, and ribbons.

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