A Train to the North Pole- Christmas in Buffalo

Christmas is magical at any age. Every decade brings new views and as we get older, it seems we take on traditions yet create our own. We couldn’t wait to start building traditions when we started a family. Perhaps it’s because we are big kids at heart, but we want to experience it all and create beautiful memories for our children.

We heard there was a train to the North Pole- which in adultland means a vintage train ride- from Arcade to Attica with a stop to see reindeer and Santa at his workshop. We booked tickets in late October last year and thank goodness we did because we lucked out and found seats…a few weeks later they were sold out of the whole season for rides!

Tickets were at will-call inside the old Attica Arcade trainstop and you board the train beside the building with assigned seating. It was packed solid with families, adults, and kids. Santa’s helpers are there all dressed up to help you find your seat and later on swing by to see if you would like some popcorn. The cars are heated and the view is great!

The view was peaceful and we were fortunate to have had a gorgeous snowfall that morning and during our ride. The trees were that magical glistening Narnia-type look which was the perfect setting for the holiday spirit. Even Scrooge himself might have cracked a smile.

For about an hour we rode through the countryside to the North Pole. We chatted with our neighbors and Chloe took a nap. It was nice to just hang out and chat.

At the destination, we hopped off in the middle of nowhere (so it seemed) where Santa and Mrs. Clause and the reindeer were. One building had food and drink for purchase (brig cash) and yes- there at restrooms. We headed inside to visit with Santa and the building was decorated with vintage toys, decor, and a restored sleigh which had velvet seating. Santa was pretty legit and gave each kid a little goodie bag after he chatted and took pictures with him.

After a little while, we were informed to board the train to head back to Arcade. Everyone got their final pictures in and hopped back on the train for the return. Another peaceful and beautiful ride. We made friends with the family next to us and everyone was in good spirits.

This year, we will definitely be booking another trip to the North Pole- and doing it early! It is a cute family adventure (anyone, really) that is memorable and allows you to feel transported in time while riding the train. We can’t wait to make this a tradition with our family!


Attica Arcade Railroad: North Pole Express // 278 Main St. Arcade NY 14009

Facebook // Website

Tips: Book ahead! Like…now. Seats are already full. Bring cash for food & drink.

Other train rides: there are other really fun rides besides the North Pole trains. Check out online to see their fall rides, Halloween event, and more!

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