The Day Of: Making Your Wedding Day Perfect

I first met Crista Botticello-Cimino at a fashion show for Free People. In came this smiling, bubbly woman who was so easy to talk to and clearly had an eye for fashion and creating ‘a look’. At the time, she was the owner of Ooo La La- a clothing store truck and boutique based out of East Aurora. Fast forward a few years and Crista has taken her talent and and opened The Day Of, a wedding coordination business ready to make all of your dreams come true…smoothly (with no stress).

Catching up with Crista, I got some details on The Day Of and the amazing things she will handle for your big day. Who doesn’t want the professionals to step in and coordinate the day of your wedding? Like…relief, guys! Amazing.

Q: Hi Crista! So good to chat with you again. Congrats on your new venture!

What is The Day of Buffalo? How did you get in to wedding day coordination?

C: The Day Of is a wedding coordination service that ensures a stress free wedding day for all brides & grooms. After months of planning every aspect of the wedding and several dollars later, don’t leave the execution of the final details to chance.

We have been in the event services business since 2010. We started out in fashion/runway event planning, and slowly became more involved in the wedding industry. We realized that fashion and wedding planning go hand and hand, since your wedding day will be the largest runway show that you will walk in.

Crista of The Day Of

Q: Tell us about you 🙂 We met years ago in the fashion industry and you have quite the impressive background! How did you get to opening TDO?

C: My name is Crista Botticello-Cimino, and I am the creator of TDO. In 2010, at the age of 18, I opened a women’s clothing boutique. A few years later, I launched Buffalo’s first mobile fashion truck. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for planning events. I sold my company in 2015, to pursue a career in visual merchandising. I now design and manage retail construction projects for an international brand.

I recently bought a house in Glenwood/Colden area with my husband, but I grew up in East Aurora. I am a wife, dog & horse mom in my every day life. My wedding in October of 2015 was the greatest day in my life. This is where I found my love for the wedding industry. I will never forget the planning; vendors, stress and coordination that go into making this day come to life.

As a bride, I made just about every mistake that you could possibly make. I wish that I had hired a DOC for my wedding, as I felt that I held a clipboard, more than I held my bouquet. (*girl, same) I am thankful that I made these mistakes, as it led me to creating TDO to help educate couples on not making the same mistakes.

One of my main goals here at TDO, is to make sure that this service is affordable to all brides & grooms. Our DOC services will ensure a stress free wedding day, where you and yours will get to be guests at your own wedding.

QWhy would brides/grooms benefit from teaming up with TDO for their big day?

C: On the day of the wedding we are on site to ensure everything goes smoothly. Depending on the wedding this may include; the set up of decor, vendor coordination, distributing programs, arranging ceremony processional, or keeping the bride/groom on track of their timeline. Our DOC (Day of Coordinator) is there to handle and solve any unforeseen challenges, so that the couple can relax and enjoy their special day!

Q: What are some top services you most commonly are used for?

C: We are not a full event planning service; we are exclusively day of coordination services. When our brides/grooms come to us; they have already picked their venue, ceremony location, flowers etc. TDO provides planning meetings to learn about our couple’s vision for their wedding day. Getting to know them in this way, allows us to make decisions and trouble shoot on the day of. We have even had to previously channel our inner pastry chef, in order to fix a cake that started melting before the reception began! Our bride still to this day may not know about that, so we will not mention any names ;)

We are also on site for the rehearsal dinner, to coordinate and manage the walk through portion. This way on the day of, the bridal party is aware of who will be giving them their cues, and what the plan is. This also allows the couple to enjoy the rehearsal dinner, without having to direct their family and friends.

Lastly, one of our most important services is assisting the photographer in coordinating the family members that are being requested for photos. We have seen this issue countless times, where the family members go to the reception after the ceremony, and the photos never take place. We call all family members that are being requested for photos, a few days before the wedding. We communicate where they need to go and wait for photos, before leaving for the reception

Q: Best way for people to contact you?



P: 716-597-5730

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