Magical and Merry: Our 2018 Holiday Decor Guide

We told ya there were going to be some serious gift and decor guides happening this season. This time, scope out the curated list of our must-shop places to find all the perfect holiday decor you need. These are our go-to spots…each one offers something different for us (tablescaping, outdoor, mantle, etc…) Here we go!


Room, Instagram 2017

The magic starts on Hertel Ave. with ornaments for your tree and sprays for your vases. Room has been a Buffalo staple in the realm of exclusive home decor and their holiday line never fails.

Home Goods

Home Goods, Instagram 2017

Why is it that HG has everything I need for every room in my house? Favorite finds here are anything from large sparkling disc displays to Christmas-inspired pillows at a great price. This is always where we get our ribbons, gift bags, and wrapping paper! Unique and beautiful in the paper department.

Dave’s Christmas Store

Dave’s, Instagram 2017

I can remember going to Dave’s as a kid to see what kind of themed ornaments we could find. Now with several locations, you can get great faux trees at an amazing cost and also every ornament sphere color you need.

Nigh Road Farmhouse

Nigh Road, Instagram 2018

Oh, yes. NRF made the list AGAIN because it’s that beautiful. We’re popping in here this year for rare pieces, cozy styles, and full on mantle display designs. Vanessa, the owner, is so helpful when it comes to bringing your vision to life!


Lowe’s, Instagram 2017

Now homeowners, we find ourselves at Lowe’s a lot. Last year, we shocked ourselves by buying the majority of our outdoor pieces here: a small porch pine tree, outdoor lights, red berry sprays, and decorative table items. Surprisingly adorbs.

Pottery Barn

PB, Instagram 2017

The magic keeps on happening at PB. Our main tree holds many glass ornaments that we have picked up over the last 10 years. It’s like each year tells a story. Pillows and table design items like napkin ring holders are also too perfect to pass up.


ShopCraft, Instagram 2017

We find the cutest ornaments here that are designed by local Buffalo artists. In the back section of Thin Ice on Elmwood (also perfect for gifting), ShopCraft is a room is filled with beautiful holiday trinkets.

Pier 1

Pier 1, Instagram 2017

If you walk in and don’t feel instant holiday-happiness…then I don’t know what to tell you. Since I was a child, I’ve always had a smaller pencil tree that is head to toe Pier 1. From woodland to glitter, fantasy to colorful…there are full lines are ideas here that fit any style home.

Garden Gate

Located in Wilson, NY- this quiet florist shop turns in to a winter wonderland every year. If you’re a northerner, this is a must-stop store for decor and also floral design like wreaths and centerpieces.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby, Instagram 2018

…and I always want to go on a Sunday! *dang it* It’s semi-ridiculous how much decor I find here for every darn holiday and season throughout the year. We have a lot of baskets and galvanized pieces we get here and it just never seems to fail us.


As if this wasn’t going to make the list?? We pick up fresh white lights every year, buy all of the wrapping paper and present accessories, and find the cutest mugs for Christmas Eve and morning.

Need more ideas?….here are some others from our first Gift Guide post!

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