Get Cooked: Beau’s Secret Cheat to Lunch

Discipline. Commitment. Consistency. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition…

These are some of the very important components to training that you need in order to have a shot even at being a mediocre athlete. Did I mention nutrition? You cannot ‘out train’ it and it’s a pillar to your success- it can make or break you.

Cooked Buffalo

As a former swimmer, nutrition was never really on our minds in college. We were swimming up to 6 hours a day and really you could eat as much as you wanted and whatever you wanted. This didn’t create the best mindset and/or habits.

Now let’s fast-forward to early thirties: father of one, working on creating an army (heh heh), a full-time gig where I sit on my ass, career development, networking, blah blah blah….you get it. It’s called ‘LIFE’ now. My point is: busy as eff and meal prep for the whole week is difficult. To help with this, I partnered with Cooked Buffalo to balance my foodie lifestyle and get me to my goals. Cooked Buffalo (MJ, the owner, to be exact) understands my goals and nutrition needs along with my caloric intake regime. She has been helping me break my biggest weakness: LUNCH.

Cooked Buffalo provides my lunch for the whole week and it’s delivered to my doorstep every Saturday. The nutritional facts are on their website which I then plug in to My Fitness Pal app. Easy to see my protein, sugar, carb, and fat intake. All of the details can be found on (yea, did I mention they deliver? so easy.) I have my favorites and you need to try them too: Luau, Thai Tanic, and El Chapo.

The cost is reasonable for a prepped delivery system. Hey, eating poorly these days isn’t cheap either so think about it: garbage in, garbage out. Which do you prefer for yourself? MJ always offers to help each week so I eat what I like and stay within my training and nutritional goals. Currently, I allow myself 190g carbs, 60g fat, and 150g protein. So here I am, creating a solid foundation for my training.

So what’s my major goal? Training, discipline, nutrition, caloric deficits…I allow myself 1,900 calories per day with the target to hit 200 lbs. Fit. Strong. Athletic. Get the right coaches and partners in your corner to help get you to your destination. I have Cooked Buffalo in mine…do you?

Don’t put it off! Try Cooked Buffalo now and see how easy it is.

Get the 5 Pack and enter code: Buffalovebirds to get 2 meals for free on top of it!

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