Winter Wonderland: Our Flocked Pine Christmas Tree

What is it about this season? Anyone else getting in the holiday spirit earlier than ever before? It hit us when the cold air drifted in and I kept dreaming of a white tree in our front window- something out of a Pinterest wish.

There was one place we knew had stunning trees of all sizes and styles- Dave’s Christmas Wonderland. On the search for the ‘dream tree’, we immediately spotted the 7′ Flocked Angel Pine Artificial Christmas Tree- Unlit inside of the newest pop-up location on Transit Rd. in Williamsville. Oh yes- this was it! Totally the ‘tree-of-the-year’!

The Christmas tree was carefully boxed and easy to unload. Each pine stem had a beautiful snow-like white covering the faux needles. Putting it together was quick- leaving us to focus on making it come to life. Separating the branches did no damage to the flocked stems which impressed us- that right there showed the high quality of this artificial tree.

Timelapse: shaping the tree

Faux pine cones were hidden throughout the branches which gave it a realistic vibe- as if a fresh snow had fallen and we cut the tree only moments ago and brought it inside. We stepped back and admired the tree. Was this real!? We were able to get this stunning tree without breaking the bank??

Timelapse: lighting and final touches

Dave’s is a staple in WNY for holiday ornaments and decor. A family business that has been operating for 40 years, Dave’s has become more and more about home decor for all seasons as it evolves. But it’s not just for the locals- they have a website ( that has over 100K products that can be purchased and shipped throughout the US and Canada.

And as for the Flocked Christmas trees you also are dreaming of? They’ve got ’em and they are stunning and affordable. To finish our tree, we incorporated ornaments we ordered through Christmas Central with a white, black, and hunter green theme. We love that glow of Christmas lights so we added in soft white strands to brighten the tree.

White Glitter Snowball Ornament

Jet Black 32 ct. Shatterproof Ornaments

Matte Emerald Green Ornaments

Our home is starting to be filled with holiday spirit and cozy vibes. We’re so happy and excited about our Flocked Angel Tree from Dave’s and the fact that it was incredibly affordable and looks beautiful. If you’re seeking out that snow-covered vibe this year, Dave’s is the best place to get what you need for decor and artificial trees at a great price. (no, seriously- did you look yet? unreal!) And for now? We’ll be over here sitting by the tree, dreaming of a winter wonderland for Christmastime.

Dave’s Christmas Shop Locations


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