The Girls That Give You Confidence: iLashNY

iLashNY has retired its services as of December 2019

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been hanging out a lot with the babes over at iLashNY. I have been getting these gorgeous volume set lashes the past two months and have fallen in love with not only the look of the lashes but also the education the girls there have given me. It also may sound cheesy but these lashes have given me a confidence boost. Seriously.

Look at those lashes!

I actually first met a few of them when I fan-girled at the Buffalo Spree Best Of WNY event in 2017 when we were both winners. I’m hoping they don’t remember my loud excitement. Lol!

If you are curious about iLashNY, it’s your lucky day because I got to pick owner and mama Gabe Drake’s brain.

Lindsay: Okay, Gabe, we want details on who this working mama of 2 is over at iLashNY! Give us some insight on who you are and your background.

Gabe Drake, owner of iLashNY

Gabe: Officially I am Gabriella (Gabe) Drake • NYS Licensed Esthetician / iLashNY Director of Artistries & Studio Owner  / Exclusive Borboleta Beauty Educator • I’ve owned iLashNY for 6 years but have owned my own beauty business for 9 years (wow, I didn’t realize it’s been almost a decade!).

  • After becoming a licensed esthetician in 2009, I begin renting space at a local salon performing several different beauty services. A year or so later a friend of mine took an eyelash certification course and was looking for a model in order to complete the training. I immediately looked into this service, as it was very new to our area at the time and I didn’t have any knowledge or information on eyelash extensions. After doing my research, I determined that it was something I needed to be certified in so, I took the course from a local business owner. Roughly 6 months after that she informed me that she was thinking about selling her business and wondered if I would be interested in becoming the owner of iLashNY (um, yes!). In order to stay at the top of the eyelash game in our area my staff and I took a volume certification course from Borboleta beauty and I never looked back. Now I am an instructor for that same company that changed my career and I have the opportunity to do the same for other artists within the beauty industry.
  • My husband, Jonathan, and I have been married for eight years. We have a four-year-old daughter, Giavanna and a five-month-old son, Marco. We also have a large extended family and group of friends who we consider family. They are my world. I love being surrounded by my people.
  • Lindsay: You basically are living a dream come true! 🙂 So I am loving my time at iLashNY because of the quality and the overall experience. I am willing to bet others feel the same…
  • Gabe: iLNY exists to love on and to support women.  Through our dedication to quality artistry and distinct passion we provide aesthetic services that allow natural beauty to radiate from the inside out.
  • Lindsay: I get to chat with Jess DiPirro a lot, one of the girls. She’s service-dropped some other options you do that I didn’t know about!
  • Gabe: In addition to lash extensions, we offer microblading and shading, brow waxing, makeup application, and makeup classes.
  • Lindsay: Jess convinces me more and more each time I’m in to try microblading…I’m working up the courage! What else is in the future??
  • Gabe: As an entrepreneur and “creator” I am always generating new ideas and bringing them to the team for discussion. We have a couple that were mulling around at the moment so expect to see some changes / additions to iLashNY in the coming year.
  • Lindsay: Being a boss babe can be tough. What is the best part of it?
  • Gabe: The people. Both as a lash artist and a business owner, I get to connect with so many people (mostly women) on a daily basis. Whether it’s the brilliant, talented, beautiful women who work within the walls of iLNY, those who lay in our cozy recliners as clients, or the ones who I bump into on the street, I love connecting with others on a deeper level that facilitates personal growth and development as a human being.

  • Get details on iLashNY:
  • iLashNY website
  • 4764 N. French Rd. / East Amherst, NY
with Jess of iLashNY

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