Get Juiced: Where to Detox and Reboot

Post-holidays. The cookies, the carbs, the sugar, the good stuff. Why is everything that is bad for you taste so damn good? We hadn’t eaten too crappy in a long time so the day after we hosted Christmas (12/23) we found ourselves sluggish, bloated, and just feeling downright terrible. To clear out and get back in to the swing of things, Beau always grabs some detox juice packs and fills us with protein-packed smoothies. Maybe you need the same fix we do.

No reason to wait until January 2- check out the list of places in WNY you can grab a juice or smoothie to help get you back on track.

Squeeze Juicery– our personal OG and favorite! Kick it in to gear with their 4 packs and get the Charcoal. Two locations: Main St. in Williamsville and Elmwood Village. We’re just waiting for a Southtowns one…*ahem, guys*… (we have called ahead for an order before)


Kornerstone– we really love the juices here because they offer so many and are whipped up on the spot so they are super fresh. Two locations: Elm St. in East Aurora and inside the Larkin Commerce Building in Larkinville. (you can order online or call ahead for both)


Green Eats– the one place in Orchard Park! Whew! A smaller menu but perfect for grab-n-go Blue Majik juice. They’re seasonal smoothies are always changing which makes it exciting to try new things. Located on W. Quaker in Orchard Park. (we have called ahead to order before)


The Healthy Scratch– so good for cold-pressed juices, shots to-go, bowls, smoothies, and all of the millennials’ favorite: toast. Try the Prosciutto & Mascarpone! Located inside the Harbor Center at Canalside and inside Roswell Park. 

Ashker’s– we are guessing one of the originals in WNY for having juice on hand. Simple, to the point, and fresh smoothies, juices, and shots. Four locations: Elmwood Village, Black Rock, downtown in the ACB building, and at Delaware Park in warmer months.


Prima Cafe– after their expansion in Hamburg, it was a whole new ballgame to get grain bowls and a juice to go. Definitely try the Immune Booster. Located on Buffalo St. in the heart of Hamburg.


The Grove– a hidden gem within downtown inside the Ellicott Square Building. The menu boasts juice, pancakes, toast, salads, and breakfast bowls. Clean Green is great for a detox. Also available at ___insert link to locations___


Welbeze– another hidden gem this time with smoothies that contain whey. Find the juice (which changes frequently) at two locations: Evans St. in Williamsville and French Rd. in Depew.


Homegrown Kitchen– recently having stumbled upon this one, one of our favs is the Matcha Mango. You should check out the super cute location in downtown- there are some good Instagrammable shots. Two locations: Main St. in East Aurora and Main St. in downtown Buffalo.

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