You’re Going To Want This For the Entire Family: Upstate Farms Milk For Life

When I turned 26, I noticed almost an immediate change to how my body took to dairy (mainly milk). I became bloated and my stomach would churn for hours until finally settling from gurgles and sharp pains. I chalked it up to not being as tolerant to dairy as I used to be and cut down my milk intake quite a bit, opting for almond milk  instead.

Fast forward to now and we’re seeing something brand new from Upstate Farms, our Western and Central New York dairy farms that produce dairy products and milk we all grab in the store. They have released one of the first farm fresh lactose-free milk lines called Lactose Free Milk For Life® which has the same benefits of milk but without the icky feeling afterward.

So we tried out the Fat Free and the Whole Milk lactose free milks. Honestly, Beau and I thought it may taste a little ‘off’ and prepared ourselves mentally for it- giving in to just going by the usual ‘it must taste off if it’s different’.

Huh…so it tastes…really good! There was no smell or watered-down taste…it simply tasted like regular milk. No after-taste was detected which was a big win for us. Well that was a surprise! The real taste-tester was going to be Chloe, our 22 month old. She has been on milk and nut milks since she was off formula and we knew her face would tell us the real result.

She slammed it! If a toddler approves, then it’s good to go! Upstate Farms truly aims for this lactose free milk to be for everyone and it has proven to us that it is. It makes us feel good about giving it to Chloe, too, since the National Institute for Health estimates that 65% of the human population has a reduced ability to digest milk after infancy. We’re lucky to have a local company that holds high standards: the lactose free milk is delivered to the stores within 1-2 days of production. All Upstate Farms’ milk comes from 340 farmer-owners of Upstate Niagara Co-op from Western and Central New York. How good does it feel to also support local farms??

Maybe you’re lactose-intolerant? Adjust your dairy intake? Like the idea of a lactose free milk? We want you to try this along with us- so we have a giveaway happening on our Instagram page where you can enter to win a voucher for one free 1/2 gallon of Lactose Free Milk For Life® from Upstate Farms! (*ends Monday evening 1/7/2019)

Want to pick some up for yourself? It’s easy to find with the store locator: Upstate Farms Store Locator. Now you can have milk that is made for everyone in the family!


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