Valentine’s and Galentine’s! Date Ideas for Everyone

Love is in the air! Admit it, it’s a little fun amping up the romance around Valentine’s Day each year. Especially since traditions have broken free of ‘couples only’ and now extended to Galentine’s Day and self-love. No matter how you want to get together, we have some ideas for you this year as to ways you can spend some QT alone or with a group so you have fun and remember why you love one another.
This is us.

Stay at Home

  • Yey’s Café has an egg roll box just for V-Day that you can pre-order now! Pick it up and take it home to share- or not. Sounds good to us! Top it off with some Mundy Cakes cookies which are available for the holiday pre-order now.

Take the Time

  • Hanging out at Hotel Henry is always a little sexy. Wendell Rivera Latin Jazz Ensemble is performing on 2/13 from 7-10pm to kick-off the hotel’s Jazz Series. Make sure to book dinner at 100 Acres, too.
  • We all need some downtime no matter who we are and the Woodhouse Day Spa couples massage is ideal for giving your mind and body a break. Book the Duet Massge and relax.
  • Get away from everything and make a staycation in Medina at Hart House Hotel. Pick up coffee at Shirt Factory, dinner at Mariachi de Oro with drinks at Mile 303. You’ll feel like you left town hours ago.
  • Nom Nom Nom

    • Blackbutton Distillery is hosting food and dessert pairing evenings. A good way to all get together and chill out. Check their site for details on booking.
    • Have a Prix Fixe dinner or Galentine’s Brunch at The Terrace– perfect spot to hang out and not worry about rushing out the door.
  • You Fancy

    • A gift certificate to Buffalo Braid Bar is something fun and different! That way, your gal can book a couple braid sessions for special occasions in the future- or maybe you book a session before dinner that night! Or book a Braid party just for the girls!
    Buffalo Braid Bar braid
    • Book a Galentine’s night at Buffalo Collective for one of their board nights or their new chunky-knit blanket party.

    It’s Magic

    • Make an evening at Lumagination at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens where the dark, lights, and shadows will soothe you. End with dinner at Curly’s down the road for some romance and great food.

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