The Pregnancy Diary: Beauty Probs

I had read the things that could change for you when you get pregnant and after your deliver when your hormones come down. So many stories are out there from women with different experiences- and so much of it is a crapshoot. I secretly hoped I would be fine and dodge some affects but let’s be real- none of us can escape it. Women are fricken tough ass b*tches that go through crazy sh*t when they simmer and deliver a human. Stop and think about it- it’s AWESOME.

Chloe as a newborn, me as a puffy face

A few things came along during my pregnancy with Chloe that have lasted me the past two years and I am wondering how this pregnancy will (or will not) take its toll on me. Here are a couple surprising things that happened to me in round 1 of becoming a Mommy:


I never had perfect skin. Acne growing up, scarring, adult breakouts…yada yada yada. When my third trimester began with Chloe, I noticed my cheeks were becoming red and blotchy with zit-like bumps. Not really itchy, not really dry…just a resemblance to the surface of the moon with a red filter. I had read that women could get ‘pregnancy mask’, eczema, or rosacea from hormone changes during or after pregnancy. Well sure enough, with some skin experts checking me out- I had developed mild rosacea. And it’s been annoying. It hasn’t gone away in two years but also shame on me for not following through with a dermatologist. Mom goals after this one, though. Makeup has been a pain to figure out in order to cover it and also finding some products that reduce the redness and bumps. My gal Jeannine over at Ritual Skincare Spa hooked me up with the Osmosis Epidermis Serum and it has been keeping it at bay for now. I’ve also been using face masks about twice a week to ‘keep it calm’, nixed anything with an exfoliant, and stopped using my Clarisonic.

Where’s the Bathroom?

Huh. No joke that if you jump up and down or sneeze or cough or laugh too hard or drink a sip of water…that you have to pee IMMEDIATELY. Within a year of Kegel’s and just plain ol’ healing, it has gotten better but dang!…it doesn’t take much. I spend more minutes a day power-walking to a bathroom than ever.


I don’t think I had read anything about this one (maybe since I didn’t exactly Google it) but my roots come in faster and darker and really don’t seem to take the blonde highlights like they used to. I was lucky and didn’t have my hair shed out like crazy but my reverse was coloring. It makes for more frequent trips to the stylist and clever ways to part my hair. (see above pic with roots from fairly fresh highlights)

Stretch Marks

Gah. I am envious of those who don’t really get them or heal up quick. Lots of evidence seems to back up that genetics play a huge part in what your marks will be like- thanks, Mom! While mine became a map of intense symmetrical rivers, I did notice that after one year of moisturizing and using different oils (coconut, peppermint, almond, etc…) that they began to fade slightly and became less prominent. I will be getting them back this round and I’m okay with that because it’s my marking of passage in to being badass and I know over time (for me) they will fade away.

None of these ‘beauty probs’ take over the importance of being a Mommy or having a healthy baby. But it IS real life for the majority of women out there and we just don’t talk about it. We are ‘supposed’ to be perfect, bounce back, get over it, be like nothing happened…and for some that happens. I bow to you. But for the rest of us- just remember to take care of yourself and try different methods. Be healthy, don’t nix self-care. And know that with time, we heal and find the best solutions for all of our individual needs. We’ll get there.

Chloe, 20 months. Mommy, 2 months pregnant.

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