Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

We sit on the side of the fence that doesn’t get all in to V-Day. From Day 1 of dating, Beau made it clear that he’s not in to the Hallmark holiday because we should treat all of our loves as if it were Valentine’s Day every day. *swoon*
We still get cutesy, yea. It doesn’t hurt. So if you waited til last minute, we’ve got some ideas for you (besides dinner) so you’re not left in the doghouse.
photography by Moonshine Studio

Where to Shop for Gifts: Each of these Buffalo shops has something- jewelry, gift cards, something sexy (heeeyyy), and sparkly.

Research and Design: go for jewelry, a Voluspa candle, and a gift card

Sunshine and Bluebirds: grab a clutch, mug, and vegan cookbook

Lace and Day: bras, pajamas, lingerie, oh my!

Alexis Russell Jewelry (Edward St.): big dollars? Go here for stunning rings

Half and Half: accessories, shoes, and jewelry

Something Different: I bet they didn’t think of this! Many on the list here are for both gals and guys.

Gift Certificate to Buffalo Braid Bar: so she can have some evening out where she gets a cool braid

Subscribe to Citybox716: who doesn’t love local things delivered to their door?

Book a Woodhouse Day Spa appointment: the couples massage, duh

Class packs to a gym boutique favorite (Power Yoga, Bikeorbar, Barre Centric, Jada Blitz, Reform Fitness, Rise): especially if they want to try a new place

photo by Moonshine Studio

Treats: go traditional and grab sugar or even better- use these as add-ons to your actual gift

Mundy Cakes: she’s got some cute cookies that you can pick up at her shop

Public Espressoanything from the baked good cabinet

Blue Table Chocolates: artisan chocolates that are too beautiful to eat

Paula’s Donuts: no explanation needed

Jaclyn A’s: she’s got a brand new downtown spot you should get the goods at

Small Stuff: I’m a sucker for the thoughtful stuff. Leaves a huge impact and is even better when you don’t have to hint at it.

Love notes

Cooking at home

Personal pampering

Checking something off of their list as a surprise

Staycation or mini-getaway (think Reikart House, Mansion on Delaware, Hart House Hotel, Curtiss Hotel, Toronto, finding an Air bnb a couple hours away)

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