Staycation: Your List of Things To Do With Tiny Humans in WNY

Raise your hand if you’re on February break. *we don’t raise our hand cause Chloe’s not in school yet*

Okay you’ve got a week of craziness- but you’ll survive cause we’ve got the list for you of places to explore with your small humans that will make everyone in the fam happy.

  • Check out the new Hyatt’s (perfect for new craft and art materials!)
  • Get outside! Chestnut Ridge, Tifft Nature Preserve, Reinstein Woods, Akron Falls
  • Eat somewhere new! Go somewhere you keep saying you’re going to check out but haven’t yet.
  • Ice skating, ice bumper cars, hot cocoa at Canalside

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shannon says:

    Awesome list! Very interested in those adorable shamrock leggings too 💕🍀

    1. Thanks, Shannon! The leggings are from Doodle and Jack online! So cozy 🙂

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