The Pregnancy Diary: Nausea Tricks

My Mom tricked me. She had told me my whole life that she never got sick while pregnant with me so I ‘probably wouldn’t get sick while pregnant either’. I took it as one of those genetic / take-after-your-Mother-during-pregnancy lines. And…it backfired on me!


With Chloe in the summer of 2016, I had a few days of feeling sick and ended up taking 1 or 2 personal days off. Morning sickness. Fun! I searched for any kind of natural remedy answer I could in order to relieve the nausea- eat crackers before getting out of bed, ginger chews, getting to bed early, peppermint gum, smelling fresh lemon while taking deep breaths…nothing really worked for me. I randomly came across a Mommy-board where someone suggested motion sickness bands; as in the ones used for sailing on the sea. I ended up using Sea Bands I found at Target and within one day my nausea disappeared. This brand and style for me worked best after I tried out several kinds. I wore them all day and took them off only while I slept. They helped me get through the first trimester like gold and I ended up using them from week 7 until week 15.


Now let’s talk about baby #2 which has been not as friendly. Lol. Starting at Week 4, I was nauseous and felt sick just about every day. This began in November 2018 and gradually got worse in to December. Days before Christmas, I ended up becoming so nauseous and sick that I ended up calling my OB who instructed me to head over to the ER for fluids. Luckily, we have an ER literally three minutes from our house and Beau drove me over where we hung out for three hours while I took in two full IV bags. Tests came back clear of anything scary and I learned that ER’s no longer give out anti-nausea medicine to pregnant women and had to get a prescription from my doctor. Three days later at my checkup I felt defeated and asked my OB for anti-nausea medicine to which she prescribed Diclegis to me. And HALLELUJAH! I felt immediately better and was kicking myself for waiting so long to ask if there was anything I could take.


Chloe passing out while grocery shopping was me for two and half months with morning sickness

Deep down I had been nervous to take anything and naively thought it would go away since I was pretty darn good with Chloe. Wrong. With reassurance that these prescriptions were safe for me and the baby, I gave in and had no regret. The exhaustion didn’t go away but at least I could function. Of course, every woman is different- some do not get sick, others are sick the entire time…and all at different levels. This is just what worked for me on both pregnancies! By Week 14, I tried weening off of the Diclegis to see when my body felt adjusted to the hormones and change. Week 16 was my first full week where I managed without it and I have been good ever since!


Did you get morning sickness while pregnant? What did you do to relieve it? Comment below!

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