The Small Thing You Can Do To Make Your Morning Beautiful

As a working Mom, any precious minute I can gather while getting ready in the morning is a win nowadays. It’s not always when Chloe is opening every bathroom drawer and handing me every little thing or her snatching Daddy’s bear trimmer and running out the door with it- it tends to be just less downtime before we have to go somewhere so I need to be faster at my morning routine.

One of the best self-care decisions I have made is getting my eyelashes done at iLashNY. The girls there are very educated and do such a beautiful job! The lashes cut down on my morning routine since I don’t need to curl them and use mascara. I even stopped using my liquid liner because the lashes I get create the illusion of a line. I feel more confident as a woman, Mom, and professional because I can wake up and feel ready to go, even with minimal makeup.

Me with one of the fabulous iLashNY artists, Jess

I get tons of questions everytime I am at iLashNY and thought I would share some of the most common Q & A’s with you all about lashes and their super popular microblading (which even I am SUPER curious about)! The girls at iLashNY answered for you so you have the direct source helping you out!


Q: Girls, I LOVE my lashes! A big question though is: How long do they last?

Lash extensions should last as long as your natural lashes stay in the follicle. The adhesive that is used is applied in such a way that with proper aftercare, should not be broken down.  Every individual has a different shedding cycle and can expect to naturally shed 3-5 of their own lashes each day, and therefore after about 2-3 weeks is ready to return for a touch up appointment.

Q: Do they hurt / can you feel them / do they bother you? They don’t for me but I can get how that is a concern for newbies.

No! When applied correctly, lash extensions should be completely unnoticeable to the wearer. The process itself is not painful, in fact, it is the complete opposite. During the service, most women fall asleep because it is so relaxing and luxurious.  

Q: What’s the maintenance on them?

Maintenance is required every 2-3 weeks in the form of a “touch up” appointment. This service is scheduled for roughly half the amount of time as the full set and should be completed when roughly 50% of the extended lashes have fallen out. Sometimes during seasonal weather changes, or shifts in lifestyle or hormones our bodies respond by shedding hair at a faster rate which might result in a sooner touch up appointment. However, every individual is different and the artists can help navigate through any transitional season.

Q: Can you get them if you wear contacts? 

Absolutely! Lash extensions are perfect for just about anyone – contacts or not. Neither touching the eyes or contact solution should have an impact on the extensions.

Q: Lots of gals ask: Are there trials available if I’m nervous to try them?

Yes! We actually have a “Try Me Set” on our menu. This set is a very abbreviated version of our full set appointment, in which the guest would receive our complimentary consultation, as well as a limited number of extensions applied, in order to experience the service and what it entails.


Q: Ok, even I’m nervous to try it! Does it hurt?

Everyone’s pain tolerance varies and we have received mixed answers to this question. However, numbing solution is applied to every guest prior to the appointment in order to limit the discomfort.

Q: How does it work?

We begin by scheduling a consultation appointment. After the consultation, we will book the full brow appointment. iLashNY offers two different brow services: Microblading and Powderfill. During a Microblading service, the artist creates crisp hair strokes that resemble natural eyebrow hair.
During a Powder Fill service, the artist deposits pigment in a blended motion in order to shade the area and give the effect of a dense brow shape.  


Q: How much does a consultation cost and what happens during one?

We offer 2 options for consultation appointments, a regular consultation and an Extended Consultation. The regular consultation is complimentary, and the extended appointment costs $40 and includes a thorough discussion and shaping.

Q: How long does it last?

We recommend touch-up appointments 4-6 weeks after the initial service and with proper aftercare, clients benefit from long-lasting results that can greatly improve their daily routine for between 9 months to 2 years.



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