The Buick Enclave Premium: An Honest Surprise

Last weekend, the NCAA Frozen Four tournament took place in downtown Buffalo at KeyBank Center and one of the main sponsors of the event was Buick. ‘Buick?!’, you think to yourself. It’s not what you’re thinking. It’s better.

We were able to test-drive a Buick Enclave for the week as part of their partnership with the NCAA event and have the opportunity to experience their family SUV firsthand. You know what? We were quite surprised at how spacious and classy it was!

When you discover the sound system inside the Buick Enclave

As we sat inside the Buick Enclave, we were aesthetically excited: a double moonroof which meant a lot of natural light, heated seats and steering wheel, tri-zone climate control, a second row of SmartSlide captain seats, AND…a third row. Since we are on a personal mission to find third-row seating as our family grows, this was super exciting to us! Everyone (including Chloe) had a lot of room and we discovered the trunk had a compartment underneath to store things like groceries or extra bags. And the biggest parent-win? The third row has power-folding seats at the touch of a button. I was excited enough over this and the fact that thy folded down completely flat!

On the outside, the Enclave looks great. It has ‘meat’ to it and the design (to us) was really appealing. It included keyless entry, a 3.6L V6, all wheel drive option, and Surround Vision with a backup camera which we like to use in our neighborhood with all sorts of kiddos playing about. Surprisingly, there is a lot of zip to it which made it easy to transition on to the thurway here in Buffalo.

As the week went on, we played with some fun features like Apple CarPlay (we haven’t had it before!) and the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot built in to the car. Any time we can be less distracted by technology but still be connected is a big deal to us. We consider things like this to fall in to a safety category. Other safety features included side mirror alerts for passing vehicles (watch out, blind spot!), air bags all over the place, and one of our surprising safety alerts: your seat vibrates if you are too close to anything around your Enclave. The ride was smooth and quiet thanks to QuietTuning that reduces, blocks, and absorbs noise as you go.

It was also the first time we had Chloe front-facing in her car seat which was a big milestone for her! With the second row captain seats, it was super easy getting the car seat in and out and Chloe loved roaming the aisles as we packed up the car. That was proof to us that this SUV has great space!

Partnering with Buick and experiencing the Enclave gave us the chance to get to and from home and the NCAA Frozen Four games to cheer on the collegiate hockey teams. And since we are ALWAYS on the go throughout WNY, we felt comfortable yet cool in the Enclave as we checked off our family to-do lists.

We can honestly say the Buick Enclave is officially on our list for a possible future family SUV due to its space, comfort, and great price for all of the amenities you can receive. We had a wonderful experience and were sad to see it go so quickly. Thank you so much to Buick for sharing their Enclave Premium with us for the week!

*this post contains personal views and opinions on the Buick Enclave Premium only

photo courtesy of Buick

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