The Coolest Place To Shop In Downtown Buffalo: Oxford Pennant

Chances are, you’ve spotted some pretty cool pennants in your lifetime. But did you know we have a Buffalo born and raised pennant company right in the heart of downtown? *gasp!* No?! Then you better get down here and see what’s up.

Oxford Pennant started in 2013 and has become a must-stop shop in our region. By manufacturing pennant, flags, and banners with American-made materials it’s pretty darn easy to appreciate the quality design and process you are receiving when you take your own home with you. After opening their storefront in 2018, we admit we’ve been frequent visitors not only for pennants but also other gifts and decor they have set up in shop. But we were longtime lovers since their pop-up days, too, so it’s pretty damn exciting to see them grow.

Pennants big and small

They have vintage-inspired chenille patches, enamel pins (a collab with Lost Lust Supply), Peg’s Hardware jewelry, apparel, and greeting cards that have a mini pennant accompanied with them as fun gifts.

Chenille patches made by Oxford Pennant

Chloe approved, obviously

One of the cool things about Oxford Pennant is you can get customized pieces whether it’s personal, for a wedding, inside your business, or as a gift to someone else. We worked with the team for our own Buffalovebirds pennant which was custom-framed and can be spotted as bad-ass decor in our dining room as part of our life story.

Oxford Pennant / 731 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14203 / street parking

Oxford Pennant Instagram

Daddy and Chloe rockin’ their OP gear


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