Hangin’ With My Number One: Dressing the Bump in PinkBlush Maternity

Chloe is a Daddy’s girl all the way. I can’t blame here- I was with my Dad, too. I keep hearing that will ebb and flow as she grows but for now I will take any Mommy & Me time I can get. Before meeting Beau at the Albright-Knox for an influencer event, Chloe and I hung out with Megan of Moonshine Studio for some real-life exploration outside of the building. I could not have melted any further in to the floor when I saw these shots of just my number one and I.

dress: PinkBlush Maternity

Now that I am in the third trimester, dressing will get trickier and more tedious. I look for great capsule pieces that can be re-imagined and stay classic- like this PinkBlush Black Long Sleeve Maxi Dress. It’s lightweight, a classic color, and…easy to get on! PinkBlush has been one of my go-to online shops since I was first pregnant with Chloe in 2016/2017 because of the options and affordability. This dress was perfect for museum-wandering and showing Chloe the outside sculptures. We make sure to expose her to the arts any way we can and we love being members of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

*Thank you to PinkBlush for sending this dress to me during my pregnancy! #sponsored


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