7 Things To Get For Baby #2

Hmm, so we haven’t prepped as much this time around for baby #2. And I feel super guilty! Beau says it’s because you prep so much for the first one that you don’t have a ton of new things to get for the second one. Okay, that is true. But there are some absolute musts you have to get in order to be ready to go for double the trouble so we are sharing our list with you!



Second carseat– Chloe will be a little over 2 when baby boy arrives so we still need a second carseat. We have a brand new seat (Britax Advocate ClickTight in SafeWash) for Chloe which gives her space for her long baby legs and we are currently planning to clean up the Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible for baby boy.





Double stroller Sometimes Chloe will want to sit and ride so we figure a double stroller is best. We are researching now for one and hot damn, they are expensive! We also plan to add on stroller boards so Chloe can ride on the back if she wants to. We’re steering toward an in-line one so the stroller remains narrow enough to handle public spaces.





Second crib– Our plan is to transition Chloe in another year for her toddler bed so a second crib will be needed for us. We have no clue what the little man will like to sleep in when he gets home…the Dock-A-Tot, Mamaroo, or bassinet?…so after he is ready for his crib, we’ll make sure to hook him up with a proper sleeping situation.





Fresh bottles and nipples– Our babies are formula-fed and we have officially purged all of our old bottles and will be getting brand new ones for baby boy. We had Dr. Brown’s last time and will try that brand again to see if he likes it. Another round of trial and error for what he prefers!





Another baby book Unlike many first-time Moms, I wasn’t the greatest at keeping things current in Chloe’s baby book. I’ve had to do a lot of backtracking! With this book I hope to be more diligent in timely stories and pictures so I don’t forget things or have to look back in my camera! I’m ordering this one for baby boy!




A bigger bag– I’m not sure how I want to tackle it, but I will either get a second backpack or just a larger bag to carry both Chloe’s needs and baby boy. Is it weird that this feels like my biggest challenge to make a decision on?!




Kimono Snap Onesies– We didn’t have enough of these the first time around. We kept finding ourselves buying more every week whether they were plain or for an outfit. They’re so much easier than over-the-head ones. We think we will be investing in more of these!



What tips do you Mamas have on prepping for a second baby? What did you do and what did you wish you had done? Share your secrets in the comments or over on our Instagram!

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