The Pregnancy Diary: The Last Two Months

Here I am. In the homestretch. 6 weeks left. I remember with Chloe in 2017 that my last 6 weeks were pretty hellish. And this time around, it doesn’t seem to be any different.

tryna be cute as I retain water, waddle, and squeeze in to my clothes! lol Mural: behind Town Ballroom on Washington St., pic: Moonshine Photography


The Swelling Has Begun

I was doing so well this pregnancy! I gained less weight than my first round, I was a little more active, and I didn’t retain water. Strike that. The swelling has begun! On June 3, 2019- mark it!- my ankles and feet began to puff up noticeably by 1pm. Every day since, it continues. And by 5pm, I can feel the tightness in my legs, calves, ankles, and feet. Woof. Now when I get home, I immediately take to the floor to raise one leg up on the wall or couch for 30 minutes at a time. It has reduced the water a bit and then right before bed, I do that again. Two hours of my evening have become a sexy dance of getting me up off the floor! I am DETERMINED to not be as swollen as I was with Chloe. (those stories are for another post…)

I’m Looking Tired

It could be because Beau has a broken collarbone, I stressed beyond words when I learned of his cycling crash, my Mom is having two cataract surgeries the same week Beau is having surgery, and I am prepping for my leave at work while doing a short course class for school then on to a second one for July before my due date. It could be all of that- or it could be that my body is exhausted yet again and ready to relax. Why hasn’t maternity leave been implemented to start one month before your due date?? C’mon, America. Do you know how much healthier that could be for women? Taking care of ourselves and getting ready? It’s not a joke.

Ick, Food. Ouch, my rib.

There is NO ROOM AT THE INN. I am not hungry at all any more (yes, I am still eating- calm down). I have no capacity anymore to contain food because this little guy is all up in my space. The kicks and movements are actually a little painful and I can tell he is totally cramped in there. I get some feet in my rib from time to time and I try to shift or massage him out of there.

I’ve Got a Hemorrhoid?!

This is a first. I have an external hemorrhoid. I’m blaming it on constipation from second trimester. No pain and I bought some Tucks- but I REALLY DON’T want it around when delivery time comes. What if that thing gets worse?! Hell no, I will have enough lady parts screaming. I don’t need this thing! Anyone else get hemorrhoids while pregnant?!


The Pregnancy Pillow has been retired (I only seem to like it for the second trimester) and I am now barricading myself with every pillow possible. My body automatically wakes up so I can rotate from one side to the other a few times a night. The process goes like this: wake up, sit up (slowly and with difficulty), sit upright for a few seconds, then reposition to the opposite side while adjusting all pillows and not laying too far on the side so I do not get beat up from the inside. And then? I’m out of breath. It takes anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours to fall back asleep and then it gets to happen all over again.

It’s the homestretch and I know I can do it. It all sounds like complaining but it isn’t. It’s just real life and what it is like. And before I know it, this will be a distant memory.

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