The Pregnancy Diary: Easy Self-Care For Every Day

Now that I’m on round 2 of baby-baking, I really understand the importance of routine self-care in order to keep you feeling and looking good. When you’re pregnant, it’s ideal to step it up since your body is in overdrive and in need of extra TLC.

Here are some easy routines you can do for yourself whether it be every day or a few times a week. These have become daily rituals for me!:


Face Masks

Find this Ulta mask online or in store- I love the masks you can spread on yourself!


I pick up about 3-4 face masks every time I go shopping at Target or Ulta so I can be fully stocked. Go for ones that have extra hydration like Ulta’s Mud Mask line or a tightening mask like No. 7’s Lift & Luminate. For about 15-30 minutes you can hide out in the bathroom or lay down without having to lift a finger while your face soaks in nutrients to keep you bright, refreshed, and even.


Jade Rolling

I rolled on to the fad at Christmastime and use it nightly before bed for about ten minutes. It takes no effort (besides a clean face). I can honestly say I wake up less puffy when I use it than when I don’t. Jade rolling has been around for centuries (thanks, China!) and help with minor inflammation, blood circulation, and lymphatic draining. I’ve truly noticed a difference on the mornings where I rolled the night before- sometimes I even do it when I first wake up! They’re easy to find, like mine: Jade Roller on Amazon and cost between $12-$30.


Hydration in Two Parts

I use the Belly Butter and the Perineal Balm and completely swear by it!


Two things we need to hydrate: internally and externally. I know I never do it enough and I am doing my best to make this a good habit. Lots of water throughout the day and night to keep you hydrated and *hopefully* lessen the water retention swelling we tend to get while pregnant. The second is body butter, oil, or lotion for our biggest organ: the skin. Especially because it is stretching and can be itchy! I rotate what I use but recently I have loved Bath & Body Works CocoaShea Coconut and Earth Mama Belly Butter.


The Time-Savers

Me and Jess from iLashNY! They are the most educated and most detail-oriented eyelash gals in WNY.


A bonus to self-care is an investment for yourself whether it be something easy like dry shampoo (my fav is Batiste) or a gel mani for less upkeep. A huge time-saver for me has been my eyelashes from iLashNY. They’re gorgeous and I was able to say bye-bye to mascara! I’m able to wake up and go without trying to spend time with my mascara, curling, and eyeliner. It’s a great confidence booster as things get more…*ahem*… round! It also gives me time in the morning to hang out with Chloe. Best. Investment. Ever. Since I work downtown, I also take a fast lunch break at Groom Service in the Hotel Lafayette for a gel mani. The girls are quick because they know I am on a time crunch and they add a bit more of the gel adhesive to my tips so my nails last longer!


Hot Showers

Sounds simple, no? Be careful of the water temperature (obviously you don’t want it TOO hot) but I have found that hanging out in the shower for a good 15 minutes with water hitting my back has helped me sleep and feel less pain. I do it at night and it doesn’t always mean you have to wash your hair. It’s an easy way to relax your body and shoo away a little pain.


Elevating Your Feet

I’m talking HIGHER than just on an ottoman or in bed with some pillows. I was so swollen with Chloe in 2017 that I am determined to keep it a little a bay this time. Like clockwork at week 33, my ankles, feet, calves, and legs got huge. I can feel the water retention! A couple weeks before, I started to lay in bed or on the floor with a pillow propped under my belly for support so I can get one leg up on the wall or couch as I lay on my side for 30 minutes each leg. This is helped so much!! (…so far…) I do it when I get home from work and also before bed (as I am IN bed). It takes some time out of your night but it is well worth it if you find you retain water a lot while pregnant.


What have you mamas done for self care while pregnant? Comment below!

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