Buffalo and the Chocolate Factory

Sometimes, I forget how many amazing things are made here in WNY. Every time I learn about a new place or get to chat with the people behind the scenes, I have another rush of love for Buffalo.

One place I have driven by many times and *sorta* knew about is Chocolat Frey. I have definitely recognized their logo around town (spotted in Wegmans!) and learned that Chocolat Frey is the #1 chocolate in Switzerland. (after all, it is 100% Swiss Premium Chocolate) I’ve spotted them over on Genesee St. (by Union) and always wondered what was ‘behind the bar’ of chocolates.

Chocolat Frey is a Swiss company that began in 1887 but its North American headquarters is right here in Buffalo (cool, right?). They use a Bean-to-Bar method, are GMO free, UTZ certified, and is all about sustainable farming for the cocoa process. The company has control over every step in the production process and their partnerships with cocoa bean farmers is strong. The beans are cultivated, shipped to Chocolat Frey, and then roasted in-house at their plant. You can read up more on the Bean-to-Bar conversation here.

So what is UTZ? I learned from Chocolat Frey that its logo is an indicator of sustainably produced cocoa. The criteria for social and ecological methods are laid out and the buyers of the bean pay a premium. The money from the premium is used for training, buying equipment for production, and finance the social projects that benefit the village communities. Read up on their sustainable procurement here!

Okay, to the real stuff. The chocolate bars. Beau and I have been trying to stay away (but we can’t!) from their Crunchy Nuts Bars (which have 30% nuts) that we have been taste-testing the dark chocolate, blond, and milk chocolate. Which is the fav? I don’t know? Can we say all three?!

Another local place we didn’t know much about. It never ceases to amaze me how many delicious and incredible businesses are in WNY. And what’s better than one being a chocolate dream that was uncovered with Chocolate Frey?

Check out Frey’s roadmap to better sustainability in social and environmental processes:

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